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  1. hoosrnight

    Player decisions

    Hell yes! I remember those days through the 80s and 90s
  2. hoosrnight

    Player decisions

    I always root against anyone that’s undefeated!! Let’s go Baylor!!
  3. I didn’t get to see the presser, but from everything I’m reading here, I’m liking the hire more. It’s nice to have a head coach that truly WANTS to be here as opposed to getting paid to be here.
  4. He will basically be an assistant coach that won’t count against the assistants we can have. Smart move, this part I really like.
  5. I’ll say I’m not overly happy with this. That being said, Woodson knows the NBA, so that should be a plus, and I do like Matt’s being in the mix. Now let’s get Lewis and CC added to the staff. I’ll NEVER not root my @$$ off for IU, so I’m going to be passively optimistic about this. Who knows, this could be a great hire! Now it’s time to re-recruit our team! LETS GO HOOSIERS!!
  6. hoosrnight

    General New Coach News

    I said that to my wife during the game!!
  7. hoosrnight

    General New Coach News

    I don’t understand why some of you think not one of these coaches would come here. If one does come and can turn it around for us, he would have god like status. The “rebuild” won’t take that long, so I don’t see that as a hindrance. Yea, we may not be a top 5 job, but we have a great history and 5 banners, along with a crazy, loyal, and rabid fan base. Throw in one of the best places in college to play in, I’d be willing to bet that one these guys will gladly take the job!
  8. hoosrnight

    General New Coach News

    I would love Wright!
  9. hoosrnight

    General New Coach News

    At the point IU is at, I’m almost ready to get dirty!
  10. hoosrnight

    General New Coach News

    The Matta news was bs, and Goodman keeps throwing names out there that we supposedly want and they don’t want us. I truly don’t think anyone but Dolson and maybe the people that ponied up the money have any idea who they are after and talking to. It’s not even been 2 weeks yet, chill out and let Dolson do his job!
  11. hoosrnight

    Candidate Thread: Steve Alford

    Hell freaking NNNOOOOOOO!!!!
  12. hoosrnight

    General New Coach News

    At this point, I almost just want a coach.