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  1. tdhoosier

    Player decisions

    If anybody knows what happens when Rob unleashes his defensive fury it'd be Fife.....they guy who was on the other side of the mayhem it created. He shut down some good MSU players.
  2. well that too...of course. Hypothetically in 3 weeks if Beard was the guy and he was ousted; you can't announce him with half of the fan base still thinking you have a realistic shot at Brad Stevens. That's rain on the parade.
  3. I do wonder if we have moved on from Brad, or it's just not possible, that Dolson would try and throw out some leaks to put these rumors to rest. You gotta think that if he's finalizing a contract with somebody like Beard (who would be an excellent choice); it'd feel like a let down right now. Anybody other than Stevens would be a let down. Does he want that cloud over his head at the time of his announcement (if it's not Brad)? I believe the 'it's not Billy Donovan' leaks came from the IU side; probably for this very reason. If/When we hear rumors from our side shutting the door on Stevens is when we can have our hopes and dreams smashed.
  4. I have not watched the Celtics much at all. I can't remember Steven's days at Butler either. I do know that he's very much respected for an X's and O's standpoint. If he were to come back to college, are there any insights to what his system would look like. Looking at you @bgleas :)...and others who would like to chime in. Does he cater his system to the players or does he try and make the players fit into his system? Did he zone at Butler much? or was it pretty much man to man. Does he spread the floor on offense and shoot? Is it fast paced?
  5. Stevens should take back Kauffman ala Eric Gordon. Just to set the tone for the future. haha.
  6. tdhoosier

    General New Coach News

    Did you?
  7. tdhoosier

    General New Coach News

    Why is everybody hash tagging Titus? He was joking around with us from the very beginning with outlandish Stevens claims.
  8. tdhoosier

    General New Coach News

    Maybe I'll eventually learn to spell his name then. it's supposed to be: i before e except after C! not B and L! On the bright side, he also has been to 2 championship games and his teams are fundamentally sound: low turn overs, crisp passes, good screens, etc. My bigger concern with B-line, is that his successful teams do not resemble our current roster at all. My question is how quickly can he turn this around?
  9. tdhoosier

    General New Coach News

    I've been lurking long enough waiting for HSN to get fixed. I just gotta say you guys are crazy (in a good way). I'm not subscribed to IndyStar. Does Doyle mean that we have 3 candidates and the third option won't say no? Or we call Stevens 3 times: 1st time: "$6 million" 2nd time: "$8 million" 3rd time: "We took your dog and are holding it hostage" If the former, I'd guess that third option is B-line. No info, just a hunch because he's qualified and clearly wants to get back into coaching. We may be his easiest path to win that coveted NC.