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  1. rbkl

    (2019) SG Armaan Franklin to IU

    Thank you for sharing! It was a tremendously insightful conversation with Armaan's mom. My favorite quote was .... at the age of 3, Armaan on continuing soccer, "No..... I think I am going to retire and play basketball." Hahah. Hopefully we can get more unique interviews like this one if you enjoyed it.
  2. Here's some tape on Jack Tuttle for anyone that is interested. Tuttle's pro-style skill set - consistent throws, ability to throw very deep, quick decision making - can open up the Indiana playbook. Very intrigued see where he ends up on the depth chart come Fall.
  3. Sorry for the re-post, but I shared this in the Analysis article thread also. I figured this is more appropriate here - enjoy!
  4. Our latest Film Study! Instead of breaking down an Indiana player, we take a look at Markus Howard who visits tomorrow night. Keep him mortal and I will like our chances to win tomorrow.
  5. Porter Moser employs a packline scheme himself, so it will be interesting to see if he is able to break Indiana's packline with Loyola's offensive sets. (vice versa is important for the Ramblers to learn as well) Considering the distance both teams have to travel (not much) ... this scrimmage makes a lot of sense on a lot of different levels.
  6. I was not aware of my emoji selection at the time. LOL.
  7. Thanks for sharing those articles! We hope to contribute back to the IU community with quality content and analysis.
  8. Article by yours truly if anyone is interested! In short, what a great match up for Archie to put on the schedule.