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  1. KzooHoosier82

    Game Thread: vs. Ohio State - 7:30pm - ABC

    I actually meant “lets not sh*t on the kid”…it wasn’t actually directed at the Naturalhoosier specifically as that hadn’t happened (yet)…just in general given the overall attitudes on the board at the time
  2. KzooHoosier82

    Game Thread: vs. Ohio State - 7:30pm - ABC

    You mad bro? Cuz you seem pretty mad. Your tread could use some work…I’ll leave you to it
  3. KzooHoosier82

    Game Thread: vs. Ohio State - 7:30pm - ABC

    He’s a walk on from Noblesville. Maybe had an offer to play at ISU (if that) so I’d tread lightly…kid was never supposed to be in this position
  4. KzooHoosier82

    Game Thread: vs. Ohio State - 7:30pm - ABC

    O Line is so terrible. I don’t even want DMac going in just to get hurt.
  5. KzooHoosier82

    IUBB 2021 General Off-Season Thread

    This isn’t a photo of all the guys collectively. It’s a compilation of individual pics. Perhaps done at a single photo shoot the three guys in question couldn’t attend but I find it weird to put something like this out without them
  6. At least the offense used to be fun to watch. This is excruciating. We bring in a world class RB coach and our top two returning RBs leave. I don’t blame them…who wants to run behind this line? If Sheridan isn’t calling for Hiller’s head then it’ll be his on the chopping block. Someone is to blame here and the lack of accountability is staggering
  7. Referring to the OL play as “rough” seems incredibly generous. It’s been the worst OL on the field every game we’ve played. There’s no reason for it. I’d rather lose while the younger guys get experience than roll out this motley crew of circus clowns another game.
  8. Katic doesn’t even appear to block anybody.
  9. ….Aaaand Toooooootally redeem yourself!! That a boy Pierre!
  10. OMG, I just can’t with this team. Get a huge stop and a senior leader fair catches at the 4
  11. What if I told you, the self proclaimed “best receiver in the conference”, was actually one of the worst?
  12. We could also get him some help instead of leaving him on an island all day.
  13. Hendershot on a 5 yard out against a LB feels to me like a higher percentage play than a shovel pass up the middle that hasn’t been open all day, but these savants clearly know something I don’t
  14. Why can’t we ever come out in the second half better than the first?
  15. Brain dead. Feel bad for the defensive who’s played incredibly while short handed. Offensive line is dreadful and as a result, Tuttle has made some awful throws