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  1. KzooHoosier82

    IUWBB vs Fairfield - Saturday, 03.23.24 @ 1:30 on ESPN2

    How does a ranked team get a 13 seed? You’re on point with this one. Both these teams were done dirty here. I looked up Fairfield’s schedule…the only loss was 3pts at Vandy. They beat the snot out of Rutgers and St Johns. Seeding them 13 is wild
  2. KzooHoosier82

    2023 NCAA Baseball Tournament

    The Special Olympics event doesn’t use the baseball complex.
  3. KzooHoosier82

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    Wouldn’t it just be better if people stopped trying to leak “ insider news”? 95% of the time it’s BS, the other 5% will be known for a fact within 48 hours anyway. It’s such a joke. If you need attention, seek it elsewhere. If you thrive off finding out a day or two before everyone else, get a life. I fully enjoy swapping sports opinions and discussing IU athletics but the obsession with recruiting is pathetic and a complete waste of everyone’s time.
  4. KzooHoosier82

    IUBB @ Minnesota - Wednesday, 1/25/23 @ 9:00 ET on BTN

    They’re letting him do too much. He needs to dial it back and facilitate. Take what the defense gives him but focus more on setting up his teammates rather than press to get shots up. We need X back in a real bad way.
  5. KzooHoosier82

    They Fired Tom Allen!

    IU Football wouldn’t be IU Football if we had the kinda luck that would result in CTA leaving willingly to Liberty
  6. KzooHoosier82

    IUBB at Xavier - Friday, 11/18/22 @ 6:00 on FS1

    Completely agree…For the record, every guy on this team is mistake prone at times. I don’t know why Geronimo (less than 1 TO/game) is being categorized as more so than anyone else. He shoots the 3 at the same % as Kopp yet manages to shoot 50% from the floor (Kopp at 35%). Geronimo could be an absolute X factor on Defense. How many 1-7; 2-9; 3-11 type games (while giving up double figures on defense every night out) does Woodson need to see before he gives someone/anyone else a shot?
  7. It’s not a secret McCullough left because of Hiller and his run game coordinator role. Deland didn’t leave the KC Chiefs because he wanted a “lateral” gig at a place like Notre Dame. He came to IU because his family liked Bloomington, CTA offered him an opportunity to be AHC (putting him in a position to get to HC position in the future) and coach his kids. I said this when it happened, and I’ll say it again. This was a massive mistake by CTA and is likely to eventually cost him his job unless he can find a way to redeem himself. Dolson has to be fuming and I’d bet anything, without his buyout, CTA would be sent packing in the off-season.
  8. KzooHoosier82

    Who leaves the program first; Darren Hiller or Tom Allen?

    Tom Allen never earned this job to begin with. Literally, it was “we can’t lose the guy who finally made IU’s defense respectable”. That’s all he did. He’s a defensive coordinator and he’ll never be anything other than that. Doesn’t make him a bad guy but now, nothing is working under his watch and Hiller being the last man standing embarrassing at best, criminal at worst…how many kids have to get hurt? Careers derailed? Penix is a test case in how awful Tom Allen is to the IU program. When Desan leaves and we have no QB next year, no RB next year, no WR next year and the entire defense graduates….then what?
  9. Gotta rebound and take care of the ball the beat UConn. Love the effort, but the ladies are gonna fall short today. Heck of a season. I wonder what this program could be if the best players in the state stayed home and actually made a name for themselves and this university
  10. I completely agree. I’m not saying stop at fundamentals…I’m saying start there. I’m not interested in 6’8 kids who have no basketball IQ or 6’5 guards who can’t shoot or dribble. Kids who can’t/won’t defend or communicate on the court. Ideally you get a few with both…Zeller, Oladipo, Watford, Vonleh, etc. but you’re not going to find 12 guys who are both…the rest need to be fundamentally sound.
  11. We need to recruit kids who have the fundamentals first and continue to coach & emphasize their importance. Shoot. Pass. Dribble. Defend. Effort. Everything else needs to come next.
  12. Let’s try not to sh*t all over the kids on the team. Trash the staff all you want but be constructive when criticizing individual players, please.
  13. KzooHoosier82

    Parker Stewart

    Bates is the only kid who could (or at least should) have taken some of his minutes and honestly, I don’t think Woody trusts him yet. In a big, win or go home, game…I’m good with PStew getting the minutes he got with how he was playing. He may not of helped much on offense but he didn’t hurt us on that end either.
  14. KzooHoosier82

    Parker Stewart

    Honestly, I can’t believe P Stew has his own hate thread after the way he played tonight. If there’s a sh*t list, he’s below Kopp, Race and Galloway on it. I do agree Bates deserves more minutes but for all we know he’s in Woody’s dog house
  15. KzooHoosier82


    I don’t agree he’s a lock to get drafted but at best, he’s a mid 2nd rounder unless he can somehow work on his jumper and impress scouts with it at the combine. He’s undersized for an NBA 4 who can’t shoot so weak draft or not, he needs work. Can we seriously not get him an NIL that’s 5x what a G League contract would be? If Woody can convince him he’ll help him develop that jumper and the boosters get him a healthy NIL deal, I think it actually makes sense for him to come back. Lotta if’s though.