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  1. KzooHoosier82

    Mark Wahlberg making scholarship offers?

    Except Mark Wahlberg is not on Cameo so no...this was not a Cameo.
  2. KzooHoosier82

    IUBB - 2020 Off-Season News

    Hard to imagine Durham not starting and I don’t think Lander will be ready to start right away. Assuming we don’t add a transfer I think it will be Rob, Al, Hunter, TJD and Brunk with Race, Lander and Franklin getting the most minutes off the bench. If Geronimo develops quickly, expect him to earn a significant role as well.
  3. KzooHoosier82

    Indiana MBB 20-21 Rotation Discussion

    IMO the only locks to start right now are Smith and TJD. Brunk and Phin need to show improvement to keep their spots and I hope they do. My preferred lineup is Phin, Al, Smith, TJD and Brunk but someone is going to have to hit jumpers in order for this to work. Enter Lander for Phin and Hunter for Al if that doesn’t happen. Race will probably be the 6th man for TJD and Brunk regardless. Franklin and Geronimo are my (hopefull) sleeper picks for a breakout season.
  4. KzooHoosier82

    Justin Smith Declares

    Hopefully the take away will be that he now knows definitively how much work he has left to do. No one is going to tell him what he wants to hear, if he can even garner a response from anyone in the NBA (of which, that silence should be deafening) and it lights a fire for him to get to work with a better attitude next season.
  5. KzooHoosier82

    (2021) SG - Blake Wesley

    Sam Story said IU wasn’t recruiting him anymore...something about him not liking fish bowls? So this is clearly fake news.
  6. KzooHoosier82

    (2021) - PF Mason Miller

    I’ve seen massive changes in kids like him, going from HS to 2-3rd year in college. It just might take a couple years. Not every kid we bring in need to have the expectations of playing year one. Gordon Hayward was even smaller than this kid coming out into college. That seemed to work out pretty good.
  7. KzooHoosier82

    Cooper Jones (DE) 2021 to Indiana

    Gotta say, I’m both shocked and impressed here. This is Purdue’s and Notre Dame’s breadbasket and we went in got a kid not only they want, but other top programs as well.
  8. Hoiberg has been confirmed to have influenza A and was sent back to the hotel. Nebraska Basketball’s Twitter account then sadly and very incorrectly stated influenza A was the “common cold”. It’s not and hopefully none of our players get it from their players. The non handshake line is pretty laughable after sweating all over each other the entire game.
  9. I think I’m good with this season being over tonight. This is unwatchable
  10. KzooHoosier82

    Peyton Ramsey to Northwestern

    I’m not fully prepared to blame those stats on the QBs alone and TJ Green is coming back for a 6th year. They had zero experienced WRs last year. I’m not saying he can’t beat them out but I would have thought he would have picked a better situation for himself.
  11. KzooHoosier82

    Peyton Ramsey to Northwestern

    I’m pretty surprised by this. Northwestern returns a pretty full QB room next year including their co starters in Aidan Smith and Hunter Johnson. He’s far from a lock to beat those two out. At least at IU he was a lock for QB2.
  12. KzooHoosier82

    (2020) SF Jordan Geronimo to Indiana

    This is what I’m interested to learn from him. Just how off are his misses and what’s his FG%. In high school, the star players are sometimes known to take terrible shots so I’m not as worried if he’s throwing up bricks in that scenario because that can be easily fixed with coaching and being on a talented team that creates open looks for you. I did like from the video his ability to knock down college distance 3s that were fully contested if not a foul all together. I don’t think any of our guys coming back next year exhibited that ability out of HS. Having three guys who are long and are cable of shooting coming in next year is exciting. If they all work their butts off they will all make their mark here.
  13. KzooHoosier82

    (2020) SF Jordan Geronimo to Indiana

    They aren’t that similar at this stage so it’s really a tough comparison. VO was used as an athletic bruiser in HS. His roll was to get rebounds/put backs and run out dunks. He didn’t shoot much at all and played in the post. Hard to judge from a highlight film. I’ve always thought you could learn more with the misses added into the tape then leaving them out. He can definitely shoot, handle the ball and pass better than VO in HS. Time and lots of work in the gym will tell all if he can develop elite level speed and hops.