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  1. brumdog45

    Coronavirus and Sports Only - PLEASE and THANK YOU

    Valparaiso high school football...went to state in 5A last year. Won their first two games this year (against Penn and LaPorte)......week three game cancelled against Griffith due to covid issues at Griffith. Week four game cancelled against Michigan City because of covid issues at Michigan City. Played in week five against Chesterton and won a hard fought game. Week 6 and 7 games now cancelled because of covid issues with the Valpo team (20 in quarantine). So seven weeks in, they will have only played three games. In other region football, Hammond schools are 100% virtual for the semester and had originally cancelled all contact sports. School board voted last week to allow contact sports. The four Hammond schools will start playing in week 7 and have three games each before playing in the sectional. The one good Hammond football team -- Morton -- was already struck hard with talent loss as they had Cincinnati recruit JoJo Johnson transferred to Merrillville last January. In August, after the Hammond schools announced that they were postponing fall sports, three other members of their football team transferred to Merrillville as well, including a D1 recruit defensive lineman and their starting quarterback who had thrown 17 touchdowns and no interceptions the year before. They would have had a decent team, now they've lost a lot of talent and will only have three games under their belt.
  2. brumdog45

    Coronavirus and Sports Only - PLEASE and THANK YOU

    The Houston Cougars game against North Texas has been cancelled due to cases on the North Texas team. This the FOURTH opponent that has cancelled against the Cougars due to covid issues....SMU, Rice, and Baylor had cancelled already. Baylor had been a replacement after a previous cancellation,
  3. brumdog45

    IU Football Off-Season

    With covid, teams with depth are going to be on the winning end a lot more often. I don’t think depth wise we match up with the big boys so that makes it even tougher.
  4. brumdog45

    Coronavirus and Sports Only - PLEASE and THANK YOU

    Is it wrong to hope our Ohio State and Michigan games get covid cancelled?
  5. brumdog45

    Coronavirus and Sports Only - PLEASE and THANK YOU

    Houston-Baylor cancelled after Baylor fails to meet the Big 12 minimum number of eligible players at a position to compete. The teams had scheduled each other for this weekend just a weekend ago after last weekend's openers against other teams were postponed.
  6. brumdog45

    Coronavirus and Sports Only - PLEASE and THANK YOU

    The high school I teach at and keep stats for had our game cancelled this week due to 20 players on the opposing team being quarantined -- 15 starting today, 5 already under quarantine. We are ranked #3 i the 4A coach's poll and they are tenth......the truth is that we would likely beaten them pretty badly. Sagarin has us rated as 16 points better than them and last year we beat them 37-7 in the regular season and then 20-0 in the sectional (where they basically conceded in the second half and ran the ball every down just to keep the clock moving).
  7. brumdog45

    College Bball Thread

    Maximum number of games dropped to 25. Minimum to qualify for the NCAA tournament is 13. Suggested by the committee was a minimum of 4 non-conference games. Personally, I hope the Big Ten drops the number of conference games to 18 instead of the 20 they've been doing if the non-conference schedule is going to be decreased. Get rid of the stupid conference games in early December.
  8. brumdog45

    College Bball Thread

    Louisville is going to have send prostitutes to their recruits instead of having them come to campus to meet them. Y'all know someone at L'ville is working on a W.h.o.r.e Dash app. (periods put in so it didn't get blocked. We're all adults here....or at least we pretend to be).
  9. brumdog45

    Positive news regarding coronavirus thread

    Back in July we needed to get my daughter tested for covid and the earliest appointment they would give her was 8 days later with 4 to 6 more days to get the results. Useless. My son had to get tested to return to work as he was sick Monday. Got tested Tuesday morning and received the results Wednesday afternoon. He’ll of a lot better. oh, he was negative.
  10. brumdog45

    Action PC college football

    It was. Defense had an absolute breakdown.....long plays in the air and ground, a pick six, and a 48-17 loss to open the season. Stats: First downs: IU 20, Wisky 23 Rushes: IU 30/115, Wisky 31/197 Passes: IU 36/21/2, 291 yards Wisky: 24/21/0, 266 yards Fumbles: IU 1, Wisky 0 Third down conversions: IU 1/9, Wisky 3/8 Totals plays/yards: IU 66/406, Wisky 55/462 Indiana stats: Passing: Penix 28/16/2, 225 yards, 2 TDs, Tuttle 8/5/1, 66 yards Rushing: Scott 15/67, Penix 9/29, James 5/20, Eliis 1/-1 Receiving: Fryfogle 6/73/1, Philyor 4/96/1, Marshall 3/28, Bjorson 2/23, Scott 1/8, James 1/7, Hendershott 1/13 (injured in first quarter), Ellis 1/18, Hewitt 1/11, Lloyd 1/14.
  11. brumdog45

    Coronavirus and Sports Only - PLEASE and THANK YOU

    Twitter world going back and forth right now on the “Oct 17 is a confirmed date” to “nothing confirmed yet”. Seriously wish that the media would stop trying to be first instead of trying to be right. It seems obvious that it will be starting up.....we’ve waited this long, so I wish that some of the “journalists” would sit back and wait to report instead of throwing darts on a start date.
  12. brumdog45

    Action PC college football

    Getting ready to play IU's first game. I'm letting all other Big Ten teams and Power 5 teams be computer AI controlled. Teams have ten game schedule except for the Big 12 which has 9 -- although I will probably add on a tenth game. The week one schedule sees only Big Ten teams playing. Indiana opens the season going to Wisconsin.
  13. brumdog45

    Positive news regarding coronavirus thread

    Three weeks in and no confirmed positives at the high school I teach at. We have had pretty good safety procedures and kids have been great about wearing masks.
  14. brumdog45

    On the 19th Anniversary of 9/11

    I was teaching and the teacher next to me came to tell me a second plane had hit. I didn’t even know about a first plane at that point....we aren’t in the eastern time zone so while most of those in Indiana would have been in school when it hit, I was getting ready for school. i was not scheduled to proctor the ISTEP. We watched the news the rest of the day.
  15. brumdog45

    Action PC college football

    FWIW, here is what Dave Koch sports has for the projected stats of the 2020 Hoosiers if they played an 11 game season. And yes, Penix would miss some time to injury, LOL. QB: Penix: 229 of 348 passes (66%), 2515 yards, 15 TD, 8 INT. 241 yards rushing. Tyttle: 73 of 125 passes (58%), 875 yards, 5 TD, 3 INT. 58 yards rushing. D. Williams: 6 of 12 (50%), 38 yards, 28 yards rushing. RB: Scott 189 carries for 920 yards (4.9) and 9 TDs; 20 catchers for 147 yards and 1 TD James: 88 carries for 334 yards (3.8) and 3 TD, 4 catches for 46 yards Baldwin (freshman RB): 27 carries for 113 yards (4.2.), 9 catches for 62 yards Childers: 21 carries for 64 yards (3.1), 6 caches for 21 yards Lloyd: 16 carries for 40 yard (2.5) 4 catches for 36 yards Ellis 30 carries for 112 yards (3.7, 1 TD), 25 catches for 304 yards and 2 TD WR and TE Philyor 77 catches for 1124 yards and 7 TDs, 10 carries for 48 yards Hendershoot 62 catches for 732 and 6 TDs Fryfogle 49 catches for 662 yards, 3 TDs Marshall 41 catches for 542 yards, 4 Tds Hewitt 24 catches for 318 yards and 3 TDs Jakes 18 catches for 230 yards, 2 TDs Williams 17 for235 yards Every other reciever under 10 catches. Defense: Swann leads the team in sacks with 7 McFadden leads the team with 71 tackles J.Johnson leads the team with 4 interceptions