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  1. brumdog45

    (2022) - PF Noah Clowney

    From Clowney's quotes in the 247 article, it wouldn't shock me if it was Alabama. Not going on anything but that and haven't really followed his recruitment. Would shock me if it was Virginia Tech, so assuming it's down to IU and Alabama.
  2. Kind of like a Jack Tuttle pass over 10 yards.
  3. I have plans tonight but figure the only shot we have at winning it is me not DVRing it. you’re welcome.
  4. brumdog45

    College Football Thread

    Kansas nearly pulled off the upset of Oklahoma. Oklahoma up 5 with 3 1/2 left, goes for it on fourth and 1 on their own 46. Back gets stuffed and while getting driven back two yards, Oklahoma. QB takes the ball from him and runs for the first. Refs should have blown the whistle as forward momentum had stopped, but since they didn’t it was a heads up play.
  5. brumdog45

    College Football Thread

    Yep, overuled, touchback. Very stupid play by the Purdue reciever.
  6. brumdog45

    College Football Thread

    Purdue just had a touchdown ruled on the field. Getting reviewed going into commercial......I swear it will get changed to a fumble and touchback. Player extended and looked like it leaves his hand, like he threw it at the pylon. Touchdown would pretty much clinch it, but I think it's coming off the board. Announcers didn't notice it heading into break.
  7. The sign of poor coaching is dominating but losing a game.
  8. brumdog45

    High School Basketball Thread

    In football in Indiana, I believe that the mercy rule applies in sectional play, but after that it doesn't. Don't know the plan for basketball. Anywhere, in sectional play in basketball, if a coach is still playing his starters up 35, he's an idiot. That's just asking for an injury knowing the next round is in a day or two.
  9. brumdog45

    Major announcement?

    Yeah, I am around 17 and 18 year olds every day in my classroom. I wouldn't say that level of douchery is what determines who they would hang around with.
  10. brumdog45

    Major announcement?

    Yep. I think a lot of people get caught up in what kind of people they wouldn't want to associate with rather than what an 18 year old who is hoping to eventually profit off his ability to put a basketball in a hoop would associate with.
  11. brumdog45

    Interesting - Sagarin

    IU put the Cincinnati game on the schedule in July of 2014; at that time, Cincinnati was coming off of 29 wins in a three year period and were certainly a program on the rise. Also it's not like Cincinnati's year this year was an fluke -- they only lost one game last year. And while the Big Ten schedule so far has boosted our SOS, we still haven't played two top ten teams on our schedule -- Ohio State and Michigan -- which ARE traditional powers.
  12. brumdog45

    Interesting - Sagarin

    And we haven't played Ohio State, Michigan, or Michigan State yet. The split was always uneven. And why is it that the Illinois teams and Michigan teams are in the same division, but when it comes to Indiana they are split? The Big Ten championship games are typically a bore, looking to see what West team will lose to the East team.
  13. brumdog45

    High School Basketball Thread

    Do you know how many quarters/night players are given?
  14. brumdog45

    High School Basketball Thread

    I teach and keep stats for my high school's football team and keep the scorebook for my school's basketball team. Our school's football a few times per season will be on the right side of the mercy rule (and has never been on the wrong side) but our basketball program will end up on the wrong side of the mercy rule to three or four opponents. I know the arguments on both sides of the mercy rule. What I would like to say is that in my observations, I have seen a distinct difference between football and basketball: -- in football, a 35 point difference typically reveals a huge deficit in physical talent and, unfortunately, these are the type of games that there seem to be the most injuries occurring -- not just for the team being dominated, but for the team dominating as well. Another positive thing that was done was the allowing of a combined six quarters of play for a player in the varsity and jv game (it used to be five). Previously, if a team was up 35 at half or in the third quarter, they pretty much played their starters until the fourth quarter so that the younger reserves could play the full jv game. Now, the younger players can play both the third and fourth quarter in a blowout of the varsity game and play the full jv game. Typically the jv game is played on Saturday, the day after the varsity contest. -- in basketball, I don't see the same type of injuries occurring in football when there is a mismatch. The hope would be that once it hits 35 points, the head coach would pull the starters and get his reserves some game time since there likely isn't going to much that much change in the margin with the running (unfortunately, I have seen a number of head coaches play their starters well into the fourth quarter of a large blowout because for some reason they think there is a difference between a 40 and 50 point margin of victory -- plus they are looking to keep their starters stats up). I'm not sure the running clock will likely have much effect other than cut the actual court time down for reserves -- unlike football, the jv game occurs before the varsity and players are allotted five quarters and not six.
  15. brumdog45

    Al Durham 2021?

    Looking at their roster, he’s going to get shots.