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  1. brumdog45

    College Bball Thread

    Thanks. The sheet will keep changing every couple of days as I update it, FWIW, after Thursday's games, the BIG teams that I had in the top 100 were: 1. Michigan 4. Illinois 7. Ohio State 12. Purdue 14. Iowa 28. Wisconsin 35. Rutgers 42. Maryland 50. Michigan St 57. Indiana 62. Penn State 64. Minnesota 83. Northwestern
  2. It is a group of guys who SHOULD be four year players.....but I'm willing to bet it won't be four years here. You've already got parent chirping from Leal's mom, coaching change that if it doesn't happen this year will likely happen next. I do feel for bad for Galloway because he really is a guy who fans should love but he was really put into a position early of playing more minutes than he probably was ready for. But he plays hard in every aspect of the game. Hoping that he develops some kind of shot. Geronimo probably has a decent ceiling. Lander is probably the wild card despite easily being ranked the highest of them....if he can scratch his potential and show why he was ranked so high, that would be great. Leal is likely a guy who is going to be a designated shooter....a Roth/Zeisloft type. If he could develop into the player that Zeisloft was a sernior, I'd take it.
  3. brumdog45

    College Bball Thread

    USPS, I sent a PM to you with a spreadsheet that uses my version of NET ratings. It's now been updated through Thursday's games. Have you had a chance to look at it? EDIT: note that this year's sheet is Sheet2.
  4. brumdog45

    College Bball Thread

    Marquette wins. Xavier win likely would have put them in. Now they play Butler and if they win would face Creighton. Have to think that a loss to Butler would eliminate Xavier....win and probably in but would be at the mercy of bid stealers. Would probably need to beat both Butler and Creighton to guarantee a bid.
  5. brumdog45

    College Bball Thread

    Sounds like Brian Dutcher (San Diego State) potentially replacing Rick Pitino Jr at Minnesota rumors are going around.
  6. brumdog45

    Bracketology and Team Resumes

    Obviously IU isn't going to get to .500 without getting to the BTT championship game, but one of my major frustrations has always been with the Big Ten forcing teams into a 20 game conference schedule. It's overkill. Drop it back to 18 and let the two choose how they want to schedule the extra two non-conference games.
  7. If you were pessimistic already.....if you are counting on our freshman taking making big jumps next year, know that the baseline is low: for the season, they have shot 82 of 219 (37%), 31 of 116 from three (27%), and 29 of 50 from the line (58%). If our freshman were combined to a single player who played 30 minutes in a game, they would be averaging 6 points, 3 rebounds, and 2 1/2 assists.
  8. brumdog45

    Coaching Candidate Thread

    ****, pay Painter to come in. Offer him one pork chop more than Purdue can pay.
  9. brumdog45

    Coaching Candidate Thread

    Depends on how long the string is on our tin can phones. Gotta save every penny.
  10. brumdog45

    Coaching Candidate Thread

    Coaches at power schools were obviously almost all assistants at one point. But more often than not, their first gig wasn't at a blue blood school.
  11. brumdog45

    Coaching Candidate Thread

    Oh, he absolutely is as good as anybody. I also think there is zero chance he'd come here. So if I want a dream scenario where we can have anybody, I want a guy with huge success and a style I like to watch.
  12. brumdog45

    Coaching Candidate Thread

    Well, they hired Steve Alford. What's the opposite of Steve Alford?
  13. brumdog45

    Coaching Candidate Thread

    Simple question for you: how many times has Enfield's team been a first round exit in the tourney? Hint: it's less than two.
  14. brumdog45

    Coaching Candidate Thread

    I do like Enfield.