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  1. jsprigler

    IUBB @ Arkansas - 11/18 @ 3:30 ET

    Home cooking is not enough...
  2. jsprigler

    IUBB @ Arkansas - 11/18 @ 3:30 ET

    Gotta make sure Arkansas wins....
  3. jsprigler

    IUBB @ Arkansas - 11/18 @ 3:30 ET

    This is just terrible. Al gets drilled by 2 people and gets called for clearing out...
  4. jsprigler

    Name the Tom Crean era

    Out of the gutter...just to get hit by a car in the road
  5. JBJ faking a knee pull just to get away from this nightmare...
  6. Won't go into detail since he is a kid, but according to NA students not just your typical student athlete look the other way type stuff...
  7. A ton of negative about off the court stuff...Pass.
  8. jsprigler

    Indiana vs Louisville Game Thread

    Not another dollar will go towards IU until a change is made. This is just sad. No adjustments and totally unprepared yet again.
  9. jsprigler

    Post-Butler Frustration Thread

    We've lost two close games before conference play, time to fire up the fire Crean boards again...chill out they will get it figured out just like last year.
  10. jsprigler

    Game Thread: UNC vs IU - November 30th @ 9:20 on ESPN

    Why no T on Meeks for shoving meek irk after the whistle in front of the ref...enough for a whistle but no call?
  11. Not able to watch, but Blackmon with 4 TOs already? Really, tell me he is sitting...
  12. jsprigler

    College Bball Thread

    Hollowell about to put it to baby brother...
  13. jsprigler

    #11 Indiana v. #3 Kansas - Postgame Thread

    Mason was just fouled by OG while they were sleeping. Mason with the and 1. 103-102 final