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  1. Treesh

    Expendable IU sports

    As someone who has been effected by COVID in terms of employment of college basketball, I'd say there's a lot on the table going forward. We all know how important college football is as well as March Madness. It's the largest revenues for schools athletic departments and frankly it supports the livelihood of dozens of other sports such as volleyball, wrestling, track, etc. In my opinion, with talking with many people around college athletics, if college football doesn't occur -- we're looking at dramatic changes to college sports for many years to come. At this point, I highly doubt college football plays a full season. I could see a partial two - three weeks being played before things get out of control. In terms of basketball, I don't see basketball at any level being played. High school, college, and professional (maybe not professional if they do a Bubble like they are). Come winter, it will be impossible to determine if someone has COVID or just the common cold or just the common flu. Little Johnny shows up to practice at his high school with the sniffles and no one thinks the wiser, turns out he has COVID and spreads it to three different teams that week! There's lots at stake clearly, it's effected my job market bar none. I think we all need to be prepared to have a non sport year this up-coming year.
  2. Treesh

    Justin Smith Declares

    Ehhh. Ask many Arkansas fans and you’ll find some bad opinions on Mussleman. He’s a high energy coach similar to Crean, wouldn’t say he’s a better coach than Archie at this point.
  3. Treesh

    Has Archie said anything?

    Im sure Archie has had discussions with his team and staff about the ongoing issues in our country. I don’t think a public statement is needed to be made. I think a lot of it seems superficial at times and we all know Archie doesn’t BS when it comes to anything. He’s a very private person. He’s done something behind the scenes. That being said, a lot of AD, coaches, and players have done a great job at voicing their concerns and issues on this topic.
  4. Treesh

    IUBB - 2020 Off-Season News

    Georgia bound perhaps? I think this is a loss for us. Smith wasn’t good on offense, we know this. He couldn’t stretch the floor and his mid range shot selection sent me back to 2004. But, his defense was super as well as his presence with his length and rebounding. his experience and defense will clearly be missed. This is now Hunter and Races’ time to shine. My lineup next season? Rob / Al / Franklin / Race / TJD
  5. Treesh

    Indiana MBB 20-21 Rotation Discussion

    Rob / Franklin / Al / Smith / TJD Landon / Leal / Hunter / Thompson / Brunk Obviously the second unit shouldn’t play together, rotate them in. I like the starting unit as they grow a year older together. Could also experiment with Rob / Al / Smith / Race / TJD
  6. Rob / Lander Al / Franklin Smith / Hunter Thompson / Leal Smith / Brunk 10 rotational players.
  7. Too bad Peter Jerkin isn't around still.
  8. Talking to someone in the know of his program, him as a player, and the state of Ohio basketball --- "it's a great pick-up that fits what Archie WANTS to do at Indiana".
  9. Treesh

    Favorite Basketball Moments

    The old Hoosier Scout board when there was a rumor Eric Gordon was decommitting from UI. Wasn't my favorite moment in basketball, but it's one of my favorite on "internet basketball".
  10. Treesh

    Scott Dolson New AD

    I agree with all these points. This may not be a sexy hire for some, but it's certainly not a "BAD" hire. We got an IU guy who knows exactly what Indiana Basketball is.
  11. Treesh

    IU Football Off-Season

    this off season has been pretty bad with news on all fronts..
  12. I thought Archie couldn't recruit guys?
  13. Treesh

    IUBB vs Penn State - 2/23/20 @ Noon

    My thoughts one one of the only games I've been able to fully watch. - Justin Smith saved us despite not doing much of anything on offense. Huge rebounds and defensive plays and stunts that were critical. - Rob & Thompson are great players. Injuries have both set them back clearly. If they were both fully healthy.. man this team could be different. I think that's something fans must consider. - TJD is good. Glad he's coming back home next year. I'd like to see him add a perimeter game. -Al and Green did some nice things on offense. We need both of them heading into the tournament. - Brunk was the odd man out today. Looks frustrated with those early fouls, never got into a flow. Next game big fella! Overall, this is a great win for a program that NEEDED it. The fanbase needed it more than the program perhaps. Defense was tremendous in that first half. Second half we clearly didn't give it our best, but we fought back after falling down six points. I liked the fight despite that 16-0 run we faced.