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  1. iuhoosierfan90

    FBI Corruption Investigation

  2. iuhoosierfan90

    Devonte Green Suspension

    I don't know what Devonte did but all of you out there saying it's just weed... Bottom line weed is illegal in Indiana. Also, it is illegal for NCAA athletes even in states in which it is legal. He knows the rules, he's been taught the rules, he's signed documents (like all other athletes) acknowledging the rules and then people are saying what is the big deal, it's just weed? Wearing the IU jersey (or any other Div 1 Power 5 jersey) is a privilege. One which must be earned. There were so many other athletes who would have been willing to accept that roster spot. He's being paid to do a job, play basketball, go to school and abide by NCAA rules. Whether you agree with the rule or not they are there and the athletes promised they'd obey them. So, for the first time maybe in his life he has consequences to his actions. Yet another Crean gift that keeps giving....
  3. iuhoosierfan90

    Injury Updates

    Concussions are primarily diagnosed by symptoms. If someone was diagnosed with a concussion there MUST have been a symptom there. Maybe it was a very mild concussion and the symptoms disappeared by the next morning. Just because the symptoms went away quickly that doesn't mean they weren't concussed. There is ZERO way to determine you didn't have a concussion post injury. I find it very hard to believe that medical personnel saw symptoms, diagnosed a concussion then later changed their diagnosis. That just doesn't add up!
  4. iuhoosierfan90

    Injury Updates

    I'm assuming that all NCAA programs are following something close to this with their concussion protocol and return to play. https://www.playsmartplaysafe.com/focus-on-safety/protecting-players/nfl-return-to-participation-protocol/ Not all trainers at the HS, club sport level etc have been trained in concussion protocol. Whomever referenced a player who took a hit to the head and then returned to play that same game is just uneducated. Not all concussion symptoms show up immediately. I know people who had a blow to the head, passed all of the neurological tests on the field given by a certified trainer, and were cleared to return to play. Then showed signs of a concussion the next morning. Their return to play time was increased significantly by them returning to play that game. The issues with concussion protocol is that the athlete needs to be honest about minor symptoms. Major symptoms like sensitivity to noise and light are difficult to hide as are major headaches. Brain fogginess, slight headaches, tiredness, etc are easy to hide especially if an athlete is bound and determined to return to play as quickly as possible (which I would imagine is 99% of all Division 1 athletes) Let the doctors and trainers do their jobs without second guessing them or complaining about how "cautious" IU's medical staff is. Here's some info from the Mayo Clinic website regarding concussions and that delayed symptoms are not uncommon. https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/concussion/symptoms-causes/syc-20355594
  5. iuhoosierfan90

    Injury Updates

    Concussion protocol is scientifically based. The issue with concussions is that they are largely symptomatically diagnosed unless there is someone knocked out cold. So while NFL players like a Tom Brady have the ability to say they're not playing (and I'm not sure he had held himself out properly if you listen to his wife speaking about his concussions), the journey-men NFL players don't have that luxury. With a 53 man squad, teams need players who are actually able to play on Sundays. They can't hold roster spots for concussions...with players who are easily replaced. So, I'm guessing that many of the NFL players aren't 100% honest about their symptoms. I would say that a minimum of two weeks is necessary to return properly from concussion protocol. Zero physical activity until symptoms subside (headaches, sensitivity to light/sound etc. for 48 hours. Then you go about your normal activities for a couple of days without physical activity. Return to screens (TV, Computer, Phones etc) if that is ok then 48 hours later you try to do physical exercise on a non-jarring cardio equipment (bike elliptical etc) at about 50%. You want the increased bloodflow to come back to the brain slowly which is why you don't go back to 100% cardio workouts. If that goes well, then 48 hours later you go to a higher rate of cardio, then 48 hours later, you progress to 100% cardio on non-jarring machines, then if you're still OK , you go to running. At any point in time, if symptoms come back, you back up a step and start the process again. Kudos to IU for allowing these kids the ability to heal properly. It's serious. And shame on all of you "fans" who care more about winning a game then these kids well-being.
  6. iuhoosierfan90

    Last Days Of Knight

    ESPN+ is offering a free trial so you can sign up and watch it at no cost to you if you decide to cancel your subscription. I'm anxiously waiting for the 30 for 30 on MSU and Baylor to come out (this is completely tongue in cheek). I agree with the review that it was mostly about the reporter. It was one sided at best as none of Bobby's supporters were on camera (maybe there weren't any, I don't know) My question is who was the person in Ohio who sent the tape to the reporter? He said it showed up around 2000 (tape was from the 1997 season) and postmarked from Ohio... Any thoughts on who was connected to IU in 1997 and would have had access to the tape and was then in Ohio a few years later?
  7. iuhoosierfan90

    Juwan Morgan RETURNING For Senior Season

    Leases aren't paid by IU. The players sign and pay for the leases. IU gives them a check toward room and board monthly. The only time that a school pays for room and board is when the player is living on a property that the university owns (dorms, university owned apts etc)
  8. iuhoosierfan90

    (2018) SG Romeo Langford - INDIANA HOOSIERS

    I'd like the PM please