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  1. Diadem

    #IUBASE vs Notre Dame

    If I could like this a thousand times I would! What a big win !
  2. Diadem

    MSU....Heat on Izzo?

    I'd take anything Izzo says right now with a grain of salt and a shot of bourbon . I say MSU lets him retire and he does!
  3. These Gator fans are pretty obnoxious and aggressive . My backyard is apparently ground zero .
  4. Diadem

    2018 NCAA Tournament Games

    Izzo goes down in what I think is his final College game !
  5. Must be a physical league ! Nice air bags !
  6. Thanks ccgeneral ! I appreciate your updates even when we came up short , Sounds like one Heck of an inning ! Let's take the momentum in game 2 !
  7. Pretty sure Tim Langford said they wanted another visit at IU , but not for a game . Wanted get to know the Coach's and campus better .
  8. Diadem

    Late Season Optimism

    I think a lot has to do with Clifton . Would he now red shirt if that's what Archie required, or would he be happy replacing the legendary Priller ? I agree it doesn't bode well for his future given his results so far . But he did block a couple shots and seems mostly engaged on the bench that I've seen .
  9. Indiana men's swim team holding diving tryouts on Sunday . Members of this thread are highly encouraged to come ! We're/Adidas is not losing this recruitment [ battle?]
  10. I am confident we get Romeo L .
  11. Thanks for posting these updates !
  12. I think Luke Fischer after he visited for the Ohio State game . That worked out well .
  13. Thanks for posting this ! And for updating all things related to IU Baseball ! Excited about this Year !
  14. Diadem

    MSU....Heat on Izzo?

    The NCAA won't be the problem for MSU . The NCAA has their own problems with this .
  15. Diadem

    MSU....Heat on Izzo?

    My thoughts are if people are writing articles in the Tampa Bay area about this. I don't think this is going away anytime soon .