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  1. Myrmidon76

    Player decisions

    The kids need to do what they feel is right of course, but stats aside.... personally, I want kids that want to be here to stick around. The stats we have are from an offensive scheme that was...well...offensive. Nobody really knows what the kids are capable of under Woodson. If they want to be here, then they should stay, put in the work, and be very prepared to play to the standard that Woodson requires. Having a locker room filled with togetherness, wanting to play at Indiana, has a profound effect on players....that's something that no stat can ever measure.
  2. Myrmidon76

    National Basketball Transfer Portal

    No ill feelings to Franklin. All I can do is speculate, but fear of a new system and diminished scoring opportunities impact players every year. I would have liked to retain all the players, but to keep 5/6...that's a great sign of stability. Best of luck to Franklin....now let's fill those last spots with kids that want to be here every day and play in front of the best fans in college basketball.
  3. Myrmidon76

    Player decisions

    I recall an interview that Fife gave way back when he was playing. He said that his shooting confidence absolutely cratered and he took a chance on meeting with a Sports Psychologist to try and find a solution. He said that his confidence returned and his shooting percentages recovered. Knowing that these Indiana kids can shoot the ball, but lack the confidence to actually make those shots...I hope Dane brings in the Sports Psychologist to maybe help these guy get their confidence back and allow them to be the best player they can be.
  4. Myrmidon76

    National Basketball Transfer Portal

    Portal is a tool that players can use to evaluate schools and send a clear message of interest to at least "entertain" the idea of transferring. However, if player X wants to transfer to another school, they do not need to explicitly use the portal to do so. I do believe I read somewhere that in order for kids to communicate with other schools (official staff), they needed to be in the portal...dont hold me to the fire on the last part, but I am pretty sure I read that somewhere.
  5. Myrmidon76

    Player decisions

    Seniors get an extra year of eligibility due to Covid. Only applies to Seniors and it's just for this year. At least...I think it only applies to Seniors.
  6. Myrmidon76

    National Basketball Transfer Portal

    Race showed that he has the ability to hit the deep shot. This is easily a better situation that a rebuilding Minnesota. If I'm Woodson, go get Max Bielfeldt to come into Cook Hall and work with the bigs on their deep shot. The guy was money and would help out in a heartbeat. If a guy with what can only be described as the largest trunk/legs to ever put an IU jersey on shoot that good...he's got something to share...bring him in.
  7. Myrmidon76

    Mike Woodson and His Coaching Staff

    It makes me think of that Trailer Park Boys meme: "How about I give you $100 to **** off."
  8. Smiling from ear to ear about this move. October can't come quick enough for me and my family. There's so much right about not just this, but everything that has transpired these last 2-3 weeks. Excited doesn't even begin to define the joy I feel. To hope for so many years....
  9. Myrmidon76

    Mike Woodson and His Coaching Staff

    Porter Moser to Oklahoma makes about as much sense as Porter Moser to Indiana. I'm not trashing the guy, but you are what your record says you are. I know that he's had recent success and I'm certainly happy for a guy that's been coaching as long as he has to have it, but I think sports media has driven his success out of proportion. I sincerely hope I'm wrong, but anytime the national guys say a coach is a "can't miss" opportunity....I'm beyond skeptical...and NOT because of what has transpired here at Indiana alone. Overselling and under-delivering has been the defining theme these last 10 years...in my opinion of course.
  10. You know...one of the biggest complaints I've heard so far about Woodson involves his demeanor. That's just ridiculous. I'd rather have a low-key guy that can relate to the kids and show them a path to becoming a good, decent person. That's what we lost (no offense to Crean..who I think genuinely cared about his players, but was just too intense). To me, that's what has always made Indiana special. It's not just basketball. We use the sport to make meaningful changes in the lives of these players. That's why we needed to go down this road again... because if we pursue the things we used to...the kids are better off and the success will be like picking persimmons off the ground in September.
  11. Myrmidon76

    General New Coach News

    "Confirmation bias is a hell of a drug." ---- Not Rick James
  12. Myrmidon76

    General New Coach News

    Pump the brakes on the former player hate man. I like your takes, but this is getting bush league real quick.
  13. Myrmidon76

    IUBB vs Arkansas 12/29 @ 6 pm BTN

    Dude...give it a rest. You make great points and follow that up with garbage like this. Damn shame.
  14. Myrmidon76

    College Bball Thread

    What the hell were those last 2 plays!? Good Lord! Just terrible coaching decisions late.... terrible.
  15. Sad to see him go. A top flight coach that made our conference and our conference teams better. Tough pill for the University I suppose, but if it's ok for the players to pursue their dreams, then it applies to the staff as well. Wish him well at his new opportunity.