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  1. I know we want to win by 30, but how nice is it for a change to have a team that stays composed and makes winning plays with under 2 minutes to go?
  2. Will say I’m excited for the potential of Bobby Knight showing up but this team is just becoming so hard to root for. I walked past 4-5 of the older players on the men’s team last night in the tunnels before the women’s game last night and told them good job pulling out a win. As soon I was past them, one of them said, “What a f***ing ***hole.” My friend and I were both dumbfounded. Every vibe I get from this team feels so off. The energy and tenseness is similar to how it felt in one of Crean’s last seasons, from what I see
  3. bmitch

    IUBB @ Rutgers- Game Thread

    *Al running 3 on 2 fastbreak* *Sees two people on him and 2 open teammates* *Proceeds to shoot a contorted mid air twisting layup with his back to the basket*
  4. Funny how he's being labeled as a slasher now. Any time I saw him play in high school arguably the most impressive part of his game was his lights out jumper. Not sure if it's yips or if he got so much stronger that he lost his touch a bit over the summer, but whenever his jumper comes back this team will be so much more dangerous.
  5. Why do we think every 3 has to be two steps behind the NBA line??
  6. bmitch

    2018 General Recruiting Thread

    Nahziah Carter is on ESPN's Snapchat posterizing some guy today. Bleacher Report released an article yesterday where they interviewed him. Several questions about his recruitment. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2712999-meet-nahziah-carter-jay-zs-nephew-and-rising-4-star-hoops-recruit
  7. bmitch

    2017 B1G Tournament Game Thread

    Michigan's team got a smaller plane and left the band and cheerleaders behind. The game should be fine from what I understand and Michigan's looking into commercial flight to get everyone else there
  8. bmitch

    2017 B1G Tournament Game Thread

    Just landed with the team in DC. Crean was the last off the plane and personally thanked every cheerleader and pep band student for being here. Complimented my glasses lol. The players are pretty smiley and excited. Doesn't seem like there's a vibe of anything but complete confidence going into this
  9. bmitch

    IUMBB vs Wisconsin - Game Thread - 1/3/17

    I want to blame it on something like the student section not being here, but I know it's not
  10. Priller made more field goals than Bryant did tonight. Why do we not give TB more chances on offense? Obviously he had a lot of foul shots, but I feel like we aren't using him as well as we could
  11. bmitch

    Absolutely Disgusting

    From a Marching Hundred member's perspective, we're all really hoping we get selected for Santa Clara. I know that at least some of the members on the team are hoping to go there too, as well as the student managers. We would all get a free trip to spend a few days in California while Indiana is freezing right after Christmastime. We'll be excited to go anywhere though, California just sounds like the best deal for us haha
  12. bmitch

    IPFW Post Game Thread

    From "when does basketball season start" to "at least it's still football season"
  13. Yeah, I play snare. Were you the alumni Brainard introduced us to? Small world haha
  14. Off topic but nice profile picture, I'm one of the drummers for the men's band this year. Cool to see band alumni on this site