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  1. Chips&Dipo

    IUBB vs Rutger aka/Ruger - Tuesday, 2/7/23 @ 6:30 on BTN

    This is all too advanced for me and defense is hard to quantify, but here are some stats. In B1G play, Race's Defensive Win Share is .2 and Malik's is .1. Race's Offensive Win Share is .3 and Malik's is .6. Going to the past two games. Against Purdue, they had equal defensive ratings (115) with Malik having a much higher offensive rating (213 compared to 153) on similar playing times (22 for Race and 20 for Malik). Last night Race actually had better ratings (75 O and 85 D) than Malik (65 O and 88 D) but Race played 26 minutes v Malik's 14, though as others have said I think the time differential is largely due to Race being better at guarding quicker forwards. I'd also add that our largest lead and when I think the offense looked its best was in the first half when Malik went in for Race. Also to your first point, I don't think our recent success has much to do with an injured Race coming back. Much more likely that its attributable to TJD continuing to elevate his game and the continued progression of perimeter play from Trey, Jalen (minus a couple of games), and Miller. Malik certainly has holes in his game which is the reason why Woody is reluctant in giving him more minutes (though I think 20 minutes is probably what everyone is asking for, like in the Purdue game) and Race is a super senior leader and that is something that can't be quantified, but I don't see his play as a reason for our recent success. Maybe the best course of action is to keep Race in the starting line up and distributing the minutes a bit more evenly between them. What I worry about is Race's offensive performance hindering our ability to score for long periods of time, which you can't do during March.
  2. Chips&Dipo

    IUBB vs Rutger aka/Ruger - Tuesday, 2/7/23 @ 6:30 on BTN

    To the Race conversation, whatever positive qualities people think he provides at the end of the game seems to be nullified by his anemic ability on the offensive side. He clogs the lane for TJD, doesn't pass well (both around the perimeter and feeding the post), and his shot is atrocious. He doesn't move well without the ball either. Malik gets more chances from dump downs from Trayce and offside rebounding, just because he moves better without the ball. Hid defense and rebounding also hasn't been very good (for the majority of the game, some okay stuff at the end of the Purdue game but that should be expected from a super super senior). His body language is bad, which I don't know if that is from coming back from an injury or because he knows he isn't playing well. I think he is an important piece moving forward, but the coaching staff needs to figure him out, whether that's playing him off the bench or having a conversation with him to figure out what's wrong.
  3. Chips&Dipo

    IUBB vs Rutger aka/Ruger - Tuesday, 2/7/23 @ 6:30 on BTN

    Was shocked to hear on Podcast on the Brink this morning while walking the dog that TJD has never beaten Rutgers. Hopefully that changes tomorrow. Also, very happy to have a weekday tip off before 9!
  4. Chips&Dipo

    High School Basketball Thread

    A nonaccredited school that was using another school for the actual academic part. Jim from Titus and Tate is going to be gutted.
  5. He says that IU isn't even good at basketball anymore but what the hell is Nebraska good at for him to be on such a high horse?
  6. Anybody have the institutional knowledge of how this money is managed? Does the B1G get it, take its cut for "operations" and then send the money to the universities? Or the universities athletic department? I know that it stays within the athletic program, but what would we (IU) use this for? Facility upgrades? Just seems like a crap ton of money (not to mention ticket sales, sponsorships, etc.).
  7. Chips&Dipo

    Dane Fife leaves IU staff

    I completely believe that a 60+ year old man can be stubborn about doing things his way and may have to be propped up learning the inner workings of CBB. I also completely believe that a guy who comes off as smug in the interviews I have seen may do and say things that rub people the wrong way. At the end of the day, if you are going to undermine your boss, you aren't going to have a job. That isn't to say that you want to surround yourself with "yes men". But there is a difference from being a cog or a wrench in the machine. Anybody that works in a corporate setting knows that there is a difference between being a "yes man" that just agrees with everything the boss is saying from being an effective contributor to a team that provides constructive feedback and criticism in productive manner. From the games, you could tell that Woody meshed better with Kenya and Ya and the players seemed to like them too. Unfortunate it didn't work out, but sometimes it doesn't. Not sure why everyone on both sides is having such a personal reaction to all of this haha.
  8. Chips&Dipo

    IUBB vs Illinois- 2/5/2022 @ 12:00 on ESPN

    They couldn't take a steamer to that thing before shooting this?
  9. Chips&Dipo

    College Bball Thread

    It has been a few years since I have done anything in the criminal law sphere, but there is actually a charge for battery with bodily fluid, which would include spit. When I worked in a prosecutor's office almost ten years ago as an intern, it was a reoccurring charge that you would see.
  10. Disclaimer - I am 31 Is Jaden Ivey the best Purdue player since Glen Robinson? I mean, they have obviously had a lot of great players, but Ivey LOOK and PLAYS like an NBA player.
  11. Chips&Dipo

    Poll: Storming the court?

    As I have gotten older, I have realized that people just want to complain.
  12. Chips&Dipo


    I don't have a wood fire oven, but I have had good success with a cast iron in the oven as high as it will go (500-550) or in my Weber with HOT coals. Pre-heat the cast iron for 30-45 minutes before building the pizza so the skillet is nice and not. Makes for a nice crispy crust. Just throwing out there in case someone wants to try it themselves!
  13. Chips&Dipo

    College Bball Thread

    "Push it" and "Play with pace" is music to my ears.
  14. I didn't serve, and I don't want to equate the two things, but don't people in the military get paid on top of the free room and board and education?