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  1. The national media guys plus Peegs and Jeff Rabjohns have been suggesting Moser is the guy as if it's potentially almost a done deal. Smoke from various sources and Dolson's description of what he wanted say otherwise. I guess we'll find out soon enough.
  2. HankTheDeuce

    General New Coach News

    Holtmann probably trying to get a contract extension and a pay raise.
  3. Interesting. I did notice Archie's demeanor changed near the end of the season. You could see it on his face something was wrong. That may have just been him feeling like he had lost the team, but i always wondered if there was more to it.
  4. So, I realize you aren't saying it's happening, but are you actually still hearing things that indicate there is a chance, or is this just still speculation at this point? I'm not getting my hopes up either way after last time regardless.
  5. HankTheDeuce

    General New Coach News

    Peegs mentioned it in the chat. Said it could still happen but the indications they have thus far are that Beard has at least some interest and that they don't believe IU is interested due to lack of fit. It's always possible conversations are happening, but Peegs said they do not believe IU has even contacted Beard.
  6. HankTheDeuce

    General New Coach News

    It's very concerning to me that he's viewed as a viable candidate and Chris Beard is supposedly "not the right fit". Is it because he wins too much? Goodman said Drew is also interested but IU isn't interested him (yes I know the backstory on Drew). Either they are hiding the true candidate list or this is about to be a lost cause.
  7. HankTheDeuce

    General New Coach News

    That's been a consistent theme on Peegs. I believe Peegs himself has indicated there was interest from Beard's side but appeared to be no interest from IU due to Beard "not being the right fit" - whatever that means.