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Its Always Sunny at IU

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  1. Its Always Sunny at IU

    (2023) - PF Arrinten Page to USC

    Page has not updated his Instagram account with his IU visit photos as he has done for every other visit. Wondering if he's saving that for an Indiana commitment announcement soon?
  2. Its Always Sunny at IU

    Dane Fife leaves IU staff

    They use consultants quite a bit in SEC football. Saban at Alabama has a bunch. And pro sports including the NBA uses consultants. Obviously in the business world consultants are used all the time. I was a business consultant once. No benefits, but a nice side gig.
  3. Its Always Sunny at IU

    Mike Woodson and His Coaching Staff

    This is true. My guess is that one of the Wisconsin big guys really take a jump next season.
  4. Its Always Sunny at IU

    College Bball Thread

    Can I please have a not good coach who can win 2 Big Ten titles. Bring me the worst coach in America if he can win a pair of Big Ten Titles in the next 10 years. At the time I wasn't a big Crean fan, but right now I wish we would have kept him instead of hiring Archie.
  5. Its Always Sunny at IU

    College Bball Thread

    There's still lots of hope this season. 10-10 gets IU into the Tournament which was the main goal for this season. Let's go. No time to quit. Get to 10-10.
  6. Its Always Sunny at IU

    College Bball Thread

    It would have been better on the fanbase to have UW lead the entire way and win by 5 against Indiana. I've always been in the "just make the tournament" mindset because some of our players are average, including the point guard. IU is on track to do that as long as they don't lose to a bottom feeder and pick off a couple of quad 1 wins at home. Looks like we are on track for 8th in the Big Ten and that should get us in. And I think the NIL must be in place in some fashion. Scoop and JHS didn't commit to Indiana just to sell a few T-shirts. Just make the Dance and the program will improve with better players.
  7. Its Always Sunny at IU

    Bracketology and Team Resumes

    We are ahead of Michigan!!! This has Minny finishing ahead of Illinois, Mich and IU in the conference. Hmm.
  8. Its Always Sunny at IU

    College Bball Thread

    Unfortunately teams that IU have struggled with are terrible - St Johns, Marshall and Syracuse.
  9. Its Always Sunny at IU

    Nebraska at Indiana Game Thread - Noon on BTN

    Ha. Fair point. My sunny side says all of the teams in the middle of the pack in the Big Ten have the same problem. Maryland, Wisconsin etc cannot lose home games to Nebraska, Minnesota, Penn State or Rutgers. IU beats Nebraska, but it will be a grind.
  10. Its Always Sunny at IU

    Nebraska at Indiana Game Thread - Noon on BTN

    Well said. And for me this team hasn't shown much. We have not looked good in games against bad teams. Nebraska is better than Marshall. We get down 14 to the Huskers and they will win. IU cannot lose any home games to the Big Ten bottom feeders or it's lights out for the season.
  11. Its Always Sunny at IU

    Things to like about this team so far:

    It's not that Rob decides not to show up. I think he tries hard every game. Look he was ranked 135th. Alot of those guys don't improve to be great players in the Big Ten. He simply didn't improve because he's not very talented. Great kid. Hard worker. Never any off the court issues with him. He's simply didn't develop. Every team has these players.
  12. Its Always Sunny at IU

    What affect will NIL have on recruiting going forward?

    IU was at the forefront of compliance. That's it. We are so far behind other programs it's depressing. I'm not asking to be Duke or Kentucky. How about we keep up with Ohio State or Michigan? I cannot believe there's no replacement for TJD other than wishing for a miracle from the portal.
  13. Its Always Sunny at IU

    Hoosier Fan Fest

    I didn't go but saw the 3-point event streamed on Twitter. Durr looked very comfortable and almost made the finals. Wonder how many 3s he will be allowed to attempt in an actual game.
  14. Its Always Sunny at IU

    IUBB v Belmont - Secret Scrimmage

    Ranked 38th by CBS. Tourney team in Bracketology.
  15. Its Always Sunny at IU

    IUBB v Belmont - Secret Scrimmage

    Michigan won the Big 10 with 38-percent last season. We needed just one more 3 against Belmont to hit that mark. I read that Tamar Bates didn't play because of a minor injury. All that said I'm not expecting IU to win the league. Just make the Tournament. Happy with the result today. Belmont is a solid team.