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  1. BayernFan

    Ooooook who’s your # 2?

    IU needs to hire a coach who is a student of the game, loves to teach it, has won championships everywhere including overseas, has adapted to the changes of the game and Players over the last 40 years, and is already in the HOF.
  2. Be glad IU dodged this bullet.
  3. BayernFan

    Ooooook who’s your # 2?

    I’m thinking it would be Smart before Alford
  4. BayernFan

    Ooooook who’s your # 2?

    I think Dolson may go after an indiana guy and if he does it will probably be Keith Smart. The big donors will love him.
  5. I think he and his sorority DPU wife couldn’t get out of Indiana fast enough away from the rubes. He’ll be an NBA lifer. Easier gig. Not as much pressure or expectations. Always a multi million dollar gig around the corner. Then front office.
  6. Maybe he’s afraid he’ll be exposed as mediocre at a P5 program.
  7. Isn't it worth a phuqqn try at this point? Seriously.
  8. BayernFan

    General New Coach News

    Now that the BS is over, what will happen? Donors are saying wtf. $10 million for what? To get jerked around for two months? So Dolson will go and get a REAL Indiana guy that the donors will LOVE. Keith Smart Way better than BS anyway jmo
  9. Don’t be shocked if it’s Keith smart.
  10. He’ll fail at either place.
  11. Pitino or Alford. I’m telling ya. Ffs.
  12. Yup BS was just playing IU for a raise to burnish his image and value. Told ya. Let his name never be spoken again. Unless to point out he is overrated. Now let’s get someone who wants to be here and be paid handsomely. Like Musselman or the guy from Loyola.