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  1. Dumb AF. Matta has zero connection to IU but gonna turn down HC position it take associate AD? Somebody’s getting catfished IMO.
  2. I’ve followed everything closely but don’t recall this. What is this story?
  3. Yeah, felt it softened the blow! LOL
  4. JFC no it’s not. At all. Dudes dad was a great NBA coach. Muss was an NBA coach. Muss actually played the f’ing game and has succeeded everywhere he’s been. Dumbest statement ever. No offense.
  5. IndyFife

    General New Coach News

    Each school has its fair share of billionaires. So, each is more than capable of paying him whatever he wants. And not “more than IU could ever dream of”. More of whether we are ok to outbid them and get to that number first.
  6. IndyFife

    General New Coach News

    Seems silly - Knight was hired on the 27th. Not sure of the time it was announced, but feels more like catfishing than reality.
  7. IndyFife

    Ooooook who’s your # 2?

    Terrible?!? Energy and charisma and took on an impossible job with IPFW and has now studied under a master for years. He may not be the right guy but he’s far from terrible.
  8. I respectfully disagree. I think his comments prove he is not who we thought he was. He’s just another “say anything” type of guy. I’m of the opinion that we certainly did dodge a bullet. I wasn’t convinced he was going to come in an win big but did think he would come in and get kids to play hard and compete. The concept of Brad Stevens is what this program needed. The condescending guy at the presser is simply not who we thought he was. And of the back room rumors are accurate, he is definitely not who we thought he was. Just sayin’. Good news is he just made it easy for me to move on mentally.
  9. Quick name a current NBA coach and the team they coach. Unless you are a die hard NBA’er, I bet you got two: Pop and Brad. Maybe Bjorkman. Bet we can all name 20+ college coaches and their teams. That’s the problem. I thought Brad was above the “collecting a paycheck” mentality of the NBA. Clearly he wasn’t. I’m not judging him, just clearly misjudged him. Thought he was a love of the game type of guy.
  10. Wife’s from out that way...adjacent state. No lie detected. They have no self awareness either so that statement was even more bizarre. I read it and thought: no way BS uttered those words. Actually thought it was a parody at first.
  11. Worst coffee in the world. Never understood it. And the donuts?! Rise n Roll or Longs. Any day every day.
  12. Been a looong time Bayern. I think he is a better coach than what you give him credit for but also think he is afraid of the challenge. Which, honestly, is not what the program needs.
  13. You either read my mind or my earlier post. Pretty funny coming from a guy who won’t win sh— in the next several years and is gonna get fired.
  14. I already said in an earlier post that, if all is true, he has shown his true colors. Duke is absolutely no different than IU but for a few Cherokee Parks calls and TV Teddy moments that allow themselves to pretend. Our championships were homegrown. Theirs were home cooked. He wants that?! Good for him...best of luck.