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  1. Mohepa

    2021 Transfer Portal

    I really hope he’s not a one shot wonder
  2. Reading through the posts, I realize how dumb I am. I thought hiring an IU legend, with unimpeachable basketball knowledge,a solid career coaching at the highest level, and someone that would walk barefoot across glass for the job was a good thing. I am sure glad all of you experts cleared it up for me. no reason to wait until he actually coaches a game. Let’s get the fire mike Woodson website going tonight.
  3. Mohepa

    General New Coach News

    You are correct that is a battleship in the same class as the Arizona.
  4. Mohepa

    Candidate Thread: Porter Moser

    I would disagree with this. Hindsight being 20/20, Crean’s record was skewed by Wade. Without Wade, we got typical Crean performance. AM was known for D and we got better at D, but assumed his O suffered from lack of players. This was not true. I think the key is to not assume that “better players” makes up for short comings of the prospective coach. The competition in the BIG is better and better players just allow the coach to get the SAME results. Based on 60 mins I have watch, I like Porters results. Question is can he recruit the better players needed to translate this to BIG?
  5. Mohepa

    General New Coach News

    Of all “IU guys” only one that interests me after research is Smart.
  6. Mohepa

    Ooooook who’s your # 2?

    Truth is all of our concerns or wishes are irrelevant. I hire people all the time and it comes down to the resume gets you the interview, then the interview is all that matters. Does the prospect have the same vision as SD? Does the prospect carry himself as expected by SD? All of the names being mentioned can probably meet the resume test. It is SD’s decision and his alone.
  7. Mohepa

    Ooooook who’s your # 2?

    I’m for Fife or Keith Smart
  8. I could not care less what some Purdoo troll thinks or says about me or my fandom. Purdoo would never even THINK BS would coach them.
  9. There has been nothing come out to indicate any of the information presented was wrong. They worked behind the scenes for 2 months to figure out what it would take, made offer that met that requirement. I would like to believe Brad did not expect Celtics to match the offer. When they did, the equation changed. I may be naive but why does there have to be a bad guy in this?
  10. I’m more disappointed in some of the posted reactions on this board than I am to Stevens news. We have a few people that had some knowledge of the proceedings sharing that knowledge. Not for money, not for notoriety, but because they care about IU basketball and know others do as well. They do not deserve the vitriol that some of you are showing. If you don’t like the board, leave, but don’t make it toxic for the rest of us.
  11. To 007 and 0708. I appreciate what you do here and thank you for the information updates. I do not blame you for the change in status and am actually glad to know SD went as hard as he did for Brad. Sincerely.... thank you
  12. I feel bad for ORU.... biggest upset of the tourney and may not be the lead story tomorrow. if all goes well of course
  13. Losing as a 2 seed to a team that hasn’t won a tournament game in nearly 40 years