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  1. I guess we're all assuming Woodson is starting immediately and not waiting until after the NBA season (regular season appears to end May 16th)?
  2. TargaFlorio

    General New Coach News

    There's definitely something big happening Saturday in the IU basketball world. Teri Moren's Hoosiers play their first ever Sweet 16 game at 6:00 pm.
  3. TargaFlorio

    General New Coach News

    Half of the flights these private charters planes take there are no passengers on board. The plane is merely flying to the next destination to pick up passengers for its next flight. The plane that flew in from Westchester Co. is scheduled to leave for the Florida Keys shortly. When Archie was hired none of the flight stuff was at all relevant until after news of the hiring already broke. That's when a flight from Bloomington to Dayton and back to Bloomington popped up (as we know Glass talked to Miller on the west coast somewhere).
  4. TargaFlorio

    General New Coach News

    You know Rivals will tweet about him being a strong candidate just as soon as they get the spelling of his first name correct (could be a while).
  5. TargaFlorio

    General New Coach News

    Not sure if Holtman would fit the home run description . . . There is a Netjets flight from Bloomington to Columbus tomorrow. Lots of flights like that happen though.
  6. People who are actually close to Stevens wouldn't be talking to Goodman or anyone in the media right now.
  7. TargaFlorio

    College Bball Thread

    Beilein would be an interesting hire for Marquette.
  8. The thing I remember most about Stevens' Butler teams was just how tough they were, mentally and physically. They weren't necessarily bigger or stronger (in most cases they weren't), but they got every loose ball, every 50-50 rebound etc. They made you really uncomfortable on the defensive end. They were just really tough to play against.
  9. Ainge has a reputation of being a bit of an @$$ when it comes to trade negotiations. He always feels like he has to "win" every trade in the eyes of fans and the media. He's also known for calling teams when there's about 2 minutes left on the draft clock and offering them a ridiculously one-side take it or leave it offer. This strategy blew up in this face with Gordon Hayward this summer when there were some sign and trade opportunities.
  10. Today is actually Ainge's birthday. He was their happy birthday.
  11. TargaFlorio

    General New Coach News

    Or things could come crashing down in the next hour or so when Stevens has another pregame press availability. He could be more clear if he wants to (or not).
  12. TargaFlorio

    General New Coach News

    I don't know if John Beilein will be our next coach (there are a few others higher on my wish list) but I will say he's a really nice guy from the one time I met him. I was walking through the lobby of the JW Marriott one Final Four weekend when I saw him sitting by himself and I went over and said hello and that my Dad is a Michigan grad. He jumped out of his chair and shook my hand. We stood there and talked college hoops for several minutes including about IU (wish I could remember what he said about IU). I remember leaving and being blown away by how friendly he was to some random IU grad. None of this means he's the perfect coach to hire right now, just that he seemed like a really decent guy.