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  1. btroesch14

    Assistant Coach Thread

    Sorry about that. How in the heck did I not notice that thread. My bad. I’ll delete this one.
  2. btroesch14

    Assistant Coach Thread

    I thought I’d start a separate thread to discuss possible Assistant Coaches and other staff members. Coach Woodson has retained stud recruiter Kenya Hunter, so we have 2 more spots open. I would personally like to see 2 more stud recruiters added to the staff. It’s very important that Coach Woodson surrounds himself with 3 assistants that have significant recruiting connections and can open doors for him. I don’t doubt Coach Woodsons ability to recruit, relate to players, and sell his NBA coaching experience, especially after he got Trayce to stay another year. However, Coach Woodson doesn’t have the recruiting connections to AAU programs, high school coaches, etc. Anyways here are some names that have been thrown out for the 2 open assistant coaching staff positions. Dane Fife - been at Michigan State for 10 years now under legendary coach Tom Izzo. Stud recruiter with Midwest and state of Indiana connections. Was the lead recruiter on Jaren Jackson, Max Christie, Joshua Langford, Jaden Akins, Malik Hall, Matthew McQuaid, etc. Is currently the lead recruiter on 5 star Jalen Washington, 4 star Tre Holloman, 3 star Jaden Schutt, etc. Regarded as a very good defensive coach. Would certainly be a great hire if you can get him. Would lessen the Michigan State staff and would give Indiana the ability to land some great recruits and steal some of Michigan State’s recruits. Indiana has a shot here, but they will have to offer him a large salary for him to say yes. Michael Lewis - current UCLA assistant coach under Mick Cronin. Worked under Brad Stevens (Masshole) and Chris Holtmann at Butler. Also worked under Tim Miles at Nebraska for 3 years. Regarded for his offensive coaching ability, the Bruins are currently 13th in the country in Adjusted Offensive Efficiency (KenPom). Drew Adams - Current Assistant at Bradley. Son of Indiana Elite director Mark Adam’s. Drew has great connections to obviously Indiana Elite and other Midwest programs. Has gotten good players to Bradley and increased their overall talent level. Adam Cohen - Associate HC at Stanford. A very, very good recruiter. Has landed 5 stars Zaire Williams and Harrison Ingram, 4 stars Isael Silva, Jaiden Delaire, and Tyrell Terry. KT Turner - Associate HC at Texas this year, but Shaka Smart is now gone. Worked under Hall of Fame coach Larry Brown at SMU. Landed Shake Milton, Tyson Jolly, Charles Smith, etc. at SMU. Some other name that aren’t as plugged in recruiters, but worth mentioning for the Assistant position. Mike Roberts - will be interesting to see what happen there. Hasn’t been retained, but he is still working at IU right now. Calbert Cheaney - I don’t think Calbert brings us the recruiting punch and connections we would like. Sean May - Worked under Roy Williams in a non-recruiting position the last 6 years. I would certainly prefer a much more proven recruiter Anyways, I will continue to update this list as I read and learn more about the possible Assistant coaches. Just wanted to provide a place where we could talk about the Assistant coaching staff and just that. If you have heard any rumors from reliable sources please share.
  3. When do you think the Brad to IU news will be announced? Today? Sunday? Later than that?
  4. btroesch14

    General New Coach News

    What is that plan?
  5. btroesch14

    General New Coach News

    The Hoosier Hysterics don't actually believe Archie should be extended. For the Reasonable Rabby show, they take the extreme, irrational views of the Indiana fanbase and play the part of that fan. For a while now, they have been on the side of firing Miller.