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  1. hoosierdaddy_72

    (2022) - CG Jalen Hood-Schifino

    The kid reported it on his Instagram. That was enough. Media types reporting that a high school kid has an illness so they can be an "insider" crosses a line for me. Just kind of creepy.
  2. hoosierdaddy_72

    (2022) - CG Jalen Hood-Schifino

    What kind of weirdo reports on a high school kid being sick? Ridiculous.
  3. hoosierdaddy_72

    (2022) - SF Justin Taylor to Syracuse

    It doesn't really say anything. Just generalities about the schools and quotes we've already read about IU.
  4. hoosierdaddy_72

    (2023) - SF Myles Colvin

    I don't believe that it was even really a thing. I think what you really have is Rabjohns stirring the pot because he had recently said IU wasn't going to recruit Colvin. Now he is creating cover for that comment like this is some shocking development. Woodson knows Colvin's dad. Colvin's dad is interested in his son having a national recruitment. If there was anything Saturday, it was Rabjohns and other media types cackling about it, not anyone that actually matters. Hooks and Booker don't care if they are offered last week or this week. They just finished their sophomore years. Self important people like Rabjohns are just awful for IU with this kind of ginned up negativity to protect their egos.
  5. Probably just so he didn't have to face his former teammates.
  6. hoosierdaddy_72

    IU Trustee Election

    Exactly my thought. It makes me think of the term "Ugly American" only he is an ugly IU fan, he's just too narcissistic to see it. He might fit in well with the Peegs crowd, but he is bad for IU basketball in many ways. I don't normally vote for Trustees, but I voted just to tally votes for others who appeared to actually be good candidates.
  7. hoosierdaddy_72

    2021 Transfer Portal

    Some interesting names I haven't seen. The Nuga kid put up some pretty crazy numbers.
  8. Rabby all but said Stevens was a done deal, and he put Beilein and Moser at the top of his board after Woodson was pretty much a done deal.
  9. hoosierdaddy_72

    Stew Robinson and Coach Knight

    That is a great read. I forgot that too.
  10. hoosierdaddy_72

    (2022) PG Bruce Thornton

    Really nice to have a free option to read this kind of stuff.
  11. hoosierdaddy_72

    Random IUWBB Recruiting

    Indiana's rules allow that student to continue to earn a degree for free if they so choose. If the IU degree was their priority, they are welcome to stay and finish. That is why that rule was created. Let the coach make hard decisions while allowing players to keep their options open. The solution is not to force Moren's hand and try to win with subpar talent. She is paid to win within the rules, plain and simple. On a team of 15 you are always going to have a handful of players who are unhappy. Almost every team has a couple transfers per year. now. That five whiners who quit over the last few years have taken to social media really doesn't stand out. It speaks poorly on them and reflects why they couldn't cut it. They are clearly soft.
  12. hoosierdaddy_72

    Random IUWBB Recruiting

    Until you can actually show something concrete or something from someone on the inside then it all comes off as a bunch of misfits whining because they couldn't cut it even though their mommy and daddy said how awesome they are. There isn't this much depression in the world and frankly I find it infuriating that people are marginalizing REAL depression which is a potentially deadly issue. Depression IS NOT when you are sad because things didn't go your way. For example, one of the tweets talks about how Moren brought in a girl from overseas and then ran her off a year later. You know what, if she wasn't good enough then GOOD. That is exactly what Moren should do. It is her job to win, not coddle marginal players.
  13. hoosierdaddy_72

    Random IUWBB Recruiting

    I'm sorry, but "depressed" has become a grossly overused word. How much of this is pampered athlete hit their ceiling in college and now they are sad that they are just another person in the world like the rest of us.
  14. hoosierdaddy_72

    (2021) PF Trey Kaufman to Purdue

    Hmmm. I seriously doubt Alec Lasley, whoever that is, has actually watched Trey live. These guys trying to be scouts crack me up.
  15. hoosierdaddy_72

    (2020) SG Anthony Leal to IU

    I couldn't be more impressed with that kid. And I really enjoy Dakich when he is interviewing people. It's just when he is flying solo and looking for attention that he gets bad.