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  1. JustWinWoody

    (2025)- Trent Sisley

  2. JustWinWoody

    (2025)- Trent Sisley

    23-24 - Junior Season Highlights http://www.hudl.com/v/2NjG8p Stats - https://www.maxpreps.com/in/lincoln-city/heritage-hills-patriots/athletes/trent-sisley/basketball/stats/?careerid=v6s9kdjj2b6o8&sportSeasonId=66ece839-d183-4227-9807-2e33d599d076
  3. X and Walker for sure, right?
  4. JustWinWoody

    (2025)- Trent Sisley

    There are certainly a lot of hills between Bloomington and Princeton. Perhaps, he and whoever was planning to attend with him just couldn't get over one of those humps (waa waa waa).
  5. JustWinWoody

    (2025)- Trent Sisley

    Sad but true! I hate Purdue with a passion, but unfortunately, I've been impressed with Painter and how he interacts with fans while on his visits, many of them wearing IU gear. It seemed like last night there was a constant visitor with him either wanting an autograph or photo. I'm not sure where this recruitment will land but Painter is definitely putting in the face time. #PuckFurdouche
  6. JustWinWoody

    (2025)- Trent Sisley

    Per the polls, yes. Most knew after the draw that playing Princeton on their home floor was going to be tough. Princeton and Heritage Hills shared the PAC conference title so they have a good team.
  7. JustWinWoody

    (2025)- Trent Sisley

    27 pts 10 rbds. Painter was there, Woodson (or anyone) was not.
  8. JustWinWoody

    (2025)- Trent Sisley

    Called a charge and it was wiped off but .. yikes. RPReplay_Final1707572626.mov
  9. JustWinWoody

    (2025)- Trent Sisley

    Link to watch tonight’s game. https://www.ihsaatv.org/southwesternindianasportsnetwork/?B=946550
  10. JustWinWoody

    (2025) SG - Braylon Mullins

    Can you just go ahead and send him down to see Sisley too? Come on. Pull some rank, Chris!
  11. JustWinWoody

    (2025)- Trent Sisley

  12. JustWinWoody

    (2025)- Trent Sisley

    I believe the radio said Trent played 3 qtrs. Izzo and staff were in the building.
  13. JustWinWoody

    (2025)- Trent Sisley

    Patriots (9-1) win 66-49 vs Boonville in the nightcap. Sisley finished with 30 pts (12- 2s. 2- 3s) & 16 rbs. Patriots advance to tournament championship tomorrow night at 7:15pm ct. https://x.com/kylesokeland/status/1740922591119102126?s=46&t=Ws42dw1Dgsw8GgM1xfIgJg
  14. JustWinWoody

    (2025)- Trent Sisley