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  1. I've thought about this a lot today, mostly while painting my daughter's room, so haven't had a ton of time to read other opinions, hot takes, and absorb outside info.... But I've gone from pretty underwhelmed to cautiously optimistic. Woodson is a good coach. He took two terrible NBA franchises to the playoffs. He showed he could win consistently in the NBA. Matta can help him adjust to managing a college program, I hope he keeps Hunter for recruiting and brings in Lewis or Fife, preferably Lewis. Not sure who I'd like to see for the last assistant. From and X and I perspective, he's going to be one of the best coaches in the Big Ten. The NBA is far more advanced schematically than college basketball is. His past players have talked a lot about his development and how much they love playing for him. He needs help getting talent, that's a real question mark, but I think he has a lot of other positives if he can get that part.
  2. KoB2011

    Top 3 favorite dunkers

    1. Vince Carter 2. Steve Francis 3. Jason Richardson 1. Vic 2. Troy Williams 3. Eric Gordon
  3. I have not read all 169 pages, but I've read a lot. I never would've said I was more than 75% sure at any point, and was feeling less than that most of the day.
  4. I mean that sucks, but that does sound like your fault. You apparently were more definitive in whatyou said than the people you believed.
  5. Why would you insist and not give the caveat you read it online and believe it for x, y, and z reason?
  6. I don't read that as Dolson being there. I read it as major boosters - which I don't think the average person would recognize.
  7. KoB2011

    General New Coach News

    Well if it is taking that long I know one husband thing we can likely rule out.
  8. KoB2011

    General New Coach News

    I have mixed feelings on that, but I will probably post on both moving forward. This place is good peeps.
  9. KoB2011

    General New Coach News

    It might hit 500 if this drags out another few hours.
  10. KoB2011

    General New Coach News

    This. It doesn't matter how we perceive the comment, or how former NBA players perceive it, all that matters is how Gen Z kids perceive it.
  11. KoB2011

    General New Coach News

    How does @BGleas feel about all of this Brad to IU talk?