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  1. ib4iu

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    Here are a few players that could pull out of the draft and would be possible grad transfers. Chase Audige, Northwestwen 40/32/83 Damion Baugh, TCU 47/33/71 Jaylen Forbes, Tulane 47/39/86 Ithiel Horton, UCF 41/35/83 Casey Morsell, NC State 56/41/79 Elijah Pepper, UC Davis 54/32/81 Tyler Thomas, Hofstra 58/40/78 Checked a few prospect lost and mocks. None of these players showed up. All are potential grad transfers and would be intriguing fits. None have announced any intention (that I could find) of leaving the draft or transferring but they have until May 31 to remove from draft.
  2. ib4iu

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    I know. I’m just stating I don’t think the player that IU ends up with, if they fill the spot, has announced either of those things. There isn’t any need to. Just fun speculation on my part. I bet IU can still offer a player like Audige who would be at best a 2nd round pick, better NIL than current school and probably better pay than the non-guaranteed 2nd rd pick contract. He’s been at northwestern for 4 years. I don’t even know if he’d be a grad transfer but seems like a plausible scenario. Again I’m in no way stating it would be Audige. Just a player with a similar circumstance. Late 2nd to undrafted. Not in portal and not withdrawn draft. Grad transfer.
  3. ib4iu

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    If staff is really waiting on someone to back out of the draft it has to be a graduate transfer right? I just don’t see any other option. So on that note, give me another Northwestern transfer and bring in Audige lol. I think that’s a less than 1% chance.
  4. ib4iu

    Who fills the last scholarship?

    Yeah I’d rather take Sellers from Ball State. He at least has the playing in game experience. Sure at a small school but I trust Michael Lewis taught him similarly to how Woody would.
  5. ib4iu

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    Have to start looking at guys that may not have taken a Covid year or have already graduated but aren’t in the portal. Grad transfers don’t have to be in the portal. Some might need a summer class to graduate and could be to IU by late summer.
  6. Adam Howard doing some trolling
  7. Yesssss. He’s committed
  8. I still think it’s Zeller when you think of the depths the program was coming out of.
  9. Also guys I don’t want to do any jinx but I did have a steak sandwich for lunch. No ketchup for my fries though.
  10. I agree. Cuban could’ve followed 2 weeks ago when IU was announced as a visit or could’ve followed in the fall when basketball season started. The fact it started today. That timing is suspicious and I’d venture to say the 2 have spoken directly.
  11. Back in the early pages of this thread I said we were long shots. I no longer believe long shots. Like you cautiously optimistic.
  12. ib4iu

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    I was really hopeful for Dingle. I don’t get why if you only have 1 year left to play would you go play for a team with no shot at winning even anything.
  13. I like A1 with my popcorn. Which I might have tomorrow evening for a snack id this decision takes that long
  14. No diss taken I just thought you were under the impression that greater social flowing = lack of success lol. It would be nice of them to give us a time so I’m at least a little productive tomorrow.
  15. He follows X on Instagram.