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  1. And all the people said.....amen! Glad to have him back on the right sideline. Awesome news.
  2. Bgaines99

    CBB: Roy Williams Retires from UNC

    I'm with you on all levels of this.
  3. Bgaines99

    CBB: Roy Williams Retires from UNC

    Brad ***** Stevens will suddenly decide to return to college after spurning us.
  4. I'm confused, what does C stand for in our new CMW acronym, coach or does he go by his middle name and his first name begins with C?
  5. Just getting around to watching the press conference and 25 minutes in I’m in tears with Woody’s humility and emotion.
  6. I’m on the Woody wagon even though I don’t have much confidence in the hire. But this could end up being a good thing since I thought Sampson was a slam dunk, Crean was a home run, and Archie was a grand slam.
  7. I’m with you. I’ll never give up on my Hoosiers and cross my fingers Thad and Woody can turn this ship around. I’ll also be here to gripe and moan along the way, especially if we end up right where we are in a dumpster fire.
  8. Bgaines99

    Candidate Thread: Porter Moser

    2:40 tip time today to watch our next coach whip up on Oregon St. Selfishly I’d like them to lose so Dolson can announce early next week.
  9. Bgaines99

    General New Coach News

    I’ve thought the same!
  10. I'm all for a good conspiracy theory and this would keep the thread alive a while.
  11. Bgaines99

    General New Coach News

    With Lon Kruger retiring there's a video on ESPN of Dana Altman wishing his mentor well. Maybe he'll go to OU so one less candidate in our pool.
  12. Bgaines99

    Candidate Thread: Porter Moser

    He’s proven he can adapt and change to become a strong coach, unlike what we’ve experienced with Crean and Archie. True he might be the flavor of the week with another strong run in the tournament but I’d prefer him over many of the IU guys with no college head coaching experience.
  13. Let's blaze the trail and hire the first female men's coach at a Power 5. Better than many other names being floated.
  14. Bgaines99

    Player decisions

    Thanks Brad. You 44 year old Masshole. I shall blame all player defections from hereon on Stevens (buries face in sand)
  15. Bgaines99

    General New Coach News

    I'd like to join you in that refusal, however stranger things have happened in all the previous coaching hires after Davis. I'd be shocked but not fully surprised.