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  1. HOOsier Thunder

    General New Coach News

    No one knows whether he would succeed. You’re just patently pacist. Which is unsurprising for a fast food item, I suppose. Moser is a gamble with a mixed track record, but his recent success is very impressive. He’s not a sure thing by any means, but I would rather gamble on someone with significant head coaching experience who has had the opportunity to learn from his failures and demonstrate growth and success, than someone who has never experienced either.
  2. HOOsier Thunder

    General New Coach News

    Much of the criticism of Bennett's tournament performance has been unfair and overlooks adverse circumstances. It may be true that his style does not lend itself to tournament success, but IMO there are not enough good data points yet to prove it. Most of his tournament losses can be explained by a combination of bad luck and/or key injury/illness. He has only had two seasons at Virginia where he did not have a key injury or illness in the tournament, and in those two seasons he went to an Elite Eight and won a Championship. He also won both of his first round games and went to a Sweet Sixteen in his two tournament appearances at Washington State. Everyone can be prone to looking bad in the tournament in a small sample size. Even Coach K lost to a 14-seed and a 15-seed in the span of 3 years. I bet that in 20 years Bennett's tournament success will make the early exits look more like aberrations than the rule.
  3. HOOsier Thunder

    Moyer to Transfer from Cuse

    Link Could be an interesting target. Dayton and IU both involved the first time around. Seems like he might be a good fit for Archie's system and would have a year out to get integrated with 2 left to play.
  4. HOOsier Thunder

    (2018) PG Darius Garland to Vandy

    That is where the disappointment lies today. After the games this weekend and the miss on Garland, it is clear that extended patience will be required, as we are now looking at a methodical rebuild where we may not be anything more than a bubble team (if that) for the first 3-4 years (see Tony Bennett's trajectory at UVa, for example). We have plenty of talent coming in next year, but a pair of top 10 players would have allowed us to bypass the foundation building and see some quick results. Perhaps this will be better in the long run, but the process will likely be more painful than we had hoped.
  5. HOOsier Thunder

    (2018) PG Jalen Carey to Syracuse

    Maybe we still have a shot here? Update from Inside the Hall "According to Carey, Indiana has remained in contact since extending a scholarship offer on April 24. 'Coach Bruiser (Flint) hits me up a lot and I’ve already spoken with Archie Miller,' he said. 'They offered me as well. Hopefully, I’ll probably try to get out there as it gets closer and try to build a relationship.' The talented combo guard said he wants to make a decision before his high school season and he’s already got a good idea of what he’ll be looking for when it comes time to make a decision. 'I’m looking for a brotherhood and my main goal is to play at the NBA level,' Carey explained. 'So a team that’s going to help me develop my game and get me ready for that level.' In addition to IU, Carey mentioned Syracuse, UConn, Miami, Kansas, Seton Hall and Rutgers as the schools coming hardest in his recruitment. Carey said he definitely wants to visit Kansas and 'probably' Indiana. The Indiana recruiting pitch appears to be focused on Carey fitting into the new staff’s style of play. 'They think I’ll be able to come in right away (and play),' he said. 'The feel like I play their system great. They play with guards, play with a lot of ball screens and stuff like that, so they feel as if I’ll be able to come in and fit that system.'"
  6. HOOsier Thunder

    2017 July Evaluation Period

    Love the sound of this guy from this ESPN scouting report: Scouting Report
  7. HOOsier Thunder

    (2018) PG Michael Devoe to Georgia Tech

    Florida, Miami and Virginia have been after him for awhile. Looks like the rankings and offers are starting to catch up. Would be another excellent 4-year piece to build around if we miss on Garland and can get him.
  8. HOOsier Thunder

    The Pack-Line Defense

    It makes it easier for teams to run on you. I am not sure about Dayton, but Virginia is always among the nation's leaders in fewest transition points allowed, because they prioritize getting back to prevent transition opportunities over offensive rebounding. That is a big reason why teams like Louisville and UNC have struggled to score against them. It will be interesting to see if we are far enough along with Archie's defense by December to give Louisville similar trouble, or at least the makings of it.
  9. HOOsier Thunder

    (2018) PF Race Thompson to IU

    It's all about building a college-ready physique. Getting a head start on learning the system and an extra year of free education are icing on the cake.
  10. HOOsier Thunder

    2017 July Evaluation Period

    Xavier has also offered tonight. Competition is getting serious.
  11. HOOsier Thunder

    (2018) SF Jericole Hellems to NC State

    Anyone know if the new staff has had any contact with him? 30 points tonight
  12. HOOsier Thunder

    (2019) SF Trendon Watford to LSU

    Sounds like he's playing well at the Top 100 Camp And managing to fly under the radar at the same time.
  13. HOOsier Thunder

    (2018) SG - Luguentz Dort to Arizona State

    2018 Luguentz Dort Talks Game, Recruitment And Official Visits "One of the schools that has shown a lot of interest in Dort is Indiana and he spoke on the Hoosiers, 'I just talked to Coach Flint yesterday. We got to talk about the camp, Italy and just everything. They really want me, they think I could be a point guard and shooting guard. They keep on telling me that they can really help me with where I want to go. I really like the new coach and he has been saying really good things about Indiana.'”