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  1. thehelgo

    Xavier Johnson - Commits to IU (PG)

    SIAP, but how many years of eligibility left for XJ?
  2. thehelgo

    2021 Transfer Portal

    Bob Knight would not have approved of the technique
  3. thehelgo

    Player decisions

    Nah, clearly a goiter. :)
  4. thehelgo

    General New Coach News

    Woodson would be very underwhelming IMO. Would rather have Lewis or even Alford TBH
  5. thehelgo

    General New Coach News

    Things are most certainly not going according to plan at this point. Time to call Lewis and load him up with a top notch staff.
  6. thehelgo

    General New Coach News

    I'm guessing Stevens was the entire plan. No contingency after that - simply appears we are throwing darts at this point hoping to hit something.
  7. thehelgo

    General New Coach News

    This is getting a bit embarrassing now...
  8. thehelgo

    General New Coach News

    The more I read on Michael Lewis, the more I think he becomes a good option if we go with an 'IU guy'. He can build a staff with other IU guys if desired, but of the IU options mentioned, Lewis seems to have the most complete coaching background.
  9. thehelgo

    General New Coach News

    if stevens is out, count me in the Beard camp. i watch a lot of Big 12 hoops and i love his style.
  10. be careful - we may still have the worst in the Big 10, along with a pissed off donor with $10M less to his/her name.
  11. TBH I think Beard and Drew are extreme longshots as well. $10M donor is going to be underwhelmed with what his/her money bought I'm now thinking. done deal.....
  12. 'done deal'. please. never was a done deal, and that was more than a denial.
  13. sorry, but if this is truly a done deal, then there would be no reason for denials, etc. It would be in everyone's best interest to move forward with the pieces they have. For the Celtics, they would want an interim that can begin to 'prove himself'. For IU, they would want to get started with new coach - putting staff together, recruits, etc. For Brad, he would want to mentally begin his new gig and begin on IU business. I believe the insiders, but the whole idea that this is 'done', but eveyrone is going to pretend it isn't for a while makes zero sense.
  14. thehelgo

    General New Coach News

    well, maybe, but he/she only has 758 followers