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  1. goiubb2000

    General New Coach News

    Would Duke hire Christian Laetner?
  2. goiubb2000

    General New Coach News

    Calbert could not get the Evansville job. He is in no way qualified for this job just as Mike Davis was in no way qualified for this job. If Calbert is hired then we are a lost cause of a basketball program. There is no way that he should be hired. Now if he was to be hired as an assistant coach and groomed for several years under someone, then fine but he is not qualified to be our coach. Lewis is more qualified and he should not be considered either. I hope and pray that this is all a diversion for Scott to keep pressure off the real coaching candidates. I really hope because a hire like this may be the final nail in the coffin for our program.
  3. goiubb2000

    General New Coach News

    Yes, chatter is his term.
  4. goiubb2000

    General New Coach News

    Writer of site.
  5. goiubb2000

    General New Coach News

    There is another site that has reputable people that have said there has been talk with Bennett.
  6. goiubb2000

    General New Coach News

    Ok so has anyone heard about another reach out to Stevens?
  7. goiubb2000

    General New Coach News

    Sorry my jaded self came out for a minute. It is Brad ****** Stevens! Or it could be Beard or Bennett?
  8. goiubb2000

    General New Coach News

    Or he heard a good landing spot from a call from another coach...
  9. I think everyone needs to pump the brakes a bit. I think the 3 coaches are Stevens, Beard, and Belien however nothing is a done deal yet. Key word is yet. This is a Brad Stevens decision and he will be the one to make it. He must decide and I don’t believe any decision has been made. I don’t want to pour cold water on everyone’s “movement” but everyone is acting like an announcement for today. It is not to that point yet. Voice of reason and also remember the Billy discussion.
  10. goiubb2000

    General New Coach News

    I think it is in the works and hope it happens.
  11. Archie Miller sucks and should be fired after we don’t make the tournament this year!
  12. Remember, force the ball handler to use the screen and fight your way over the top... Force everything to the middle as that is where the help is...
  13. Did Archie get to chat with Romeo and TJD after the game?
  14. goiubb2000

    Welcome Coach Miller

    Wish for Donovan, but I would love Bennett! He would be an awesome coach here and I believe he checks almost all of Glass's outlined boxes! Would love Bennett!
  15. goiubb2000


    Is this plausible: Fred knew he was firing Crean 2-3 weeks ago. -No vote of confidence for Crean. -No extension for Tom after Big Ten Champ, and by press conference was evident it was not even really considered. -They withdraw from the tournament in New York. -BT from 247 says Crean is done and Billy is next hire. -Other insiders say he is done and we hear about soft landings. -Glass moves the NIT game to save optics on booing so as to not hurt negotiations with Billy. -Glass gets word from boosters the money is there for Billy. -Glass fires Crean if if this was even close to how it went down, then I take back what I said about Glass and give him a ton of credit.