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  1. PrideofFeeLane

    (2017) SF Kris Wilkes to UCLA

    Haha no worries. FWIW, I've heard Kris is not going to UNC. Am I saying they won't be in his top5? No, maybe he keeps a bluebood in for "show" but unless something drastically changes, Kris won't be a Tar Heel.
  2. PrideofFeeLane

    (2017) SF Kris Wilkes to UCLA

    Michigan twice? :)
  3. PrideofFeeLane

    (2017) SF Kris Wilkes to UCLA

    Announcing his Top5 this weekend.
  4. PrideofFeeLane

    (2018) PG Robert Phinisee to INDIANA

    Crean at the Logansport Regional watching McCutcheon vs Carmel.
  5. PrideofFeeLane

    College Bball Thread

    Stone bashes a guy's head into the ground and outcome of the situation is MD cutting the lead by one. Seems reasonable.
  6. PrideofFeeLane

    (2017) SF Zach Gunn to Ball State

    I was told he's been out because of a concussion.
  7. PrideofFeeLane

    (2016) LB Tim Hart to Memphis

    Unfortunately, not sounding good for us here.
  8. PrideofFeeLane

    (2017) G Jalen Adaway

          I try to keep an eye out for posts by Cass/Howard County area residents, I'm thinking I saw you say you moved to AZ (?) in the Maui ticket thread as I was in Maui as well. Could be wrong on the thread but definitely saw it on here.   I've liked what I've seen from Penny and Platt and think they could be very valuable to next year's squad but, in my opinion, the Skaggs boys are more polished players at this point. I think Jack brings the same toughness Platt does but with better shooting. Likewise, I think Sam brings better basketball IQ, ball handling, and court vision than Penny with similar shooting ability. I hope all of them improve tremendously this year because next year's team could be scary.   We'll have to agree to disagree on Pat Skaggs. I understand the frustration with Carter last year but I've liked most of his moves this year (including benching Bullard recently). I don't think this year's team is incredibly talented but they are undefeated going into 2016 and have a lot of fight in them (usually indicative of the HC's attitude/culture). In fact, I'll go as far as saying I think there were a few teams in the early 2000s that were more talented than this year's squad (think Tribbett/Rombold/Wildermuth/Dietrich/Smith, Champion/Baldini/Jennings/Raisor years) but those teams ultimately under-performed. Again, to me, the coach is responsible for much of a team's success and just as responsible for its failings. I think we're watching a more well coached team now than we were in the Victor, Skeeter, and (possibly) Rhodes era.   All in all, your last point summed it up well. It's really neat to watch a solid product on the floor for the Berries as it's been a good while since that was the case. Now hopefully Johnson can turn the Berries football program around.   Cheers to a Hoosiers W today. 
  9. PrideofFeeLane

    (2017) G Jalen Adaway

    Given that there is no front court depth on the team (and that Logansport has decent guards), it would be an easy decision to put Adaway's big body/defensive presence in the post. However, I'll state it again, Skaggs has Adaway's best interest (potential) in mind and allows him to play as a guard and ball handler as he needs this experience for the next level.   Your posts make me wonder if you have watched the team this year (I know you moved away from Cass County recently) as Sam and Jack Skaggs undoubtedly belong on the court. Sam has been a great addition to the starting lineup recently and Jack adds a toughness that I've yet to see from anyone else (excluding Jalen and MJ) on this year's squad. Who are you proposing takes minutes away from the Skaggs' boys? Sounds like you're advocating for Penny and Platt which would be a mistake in my opinion.   Again, if you're basing your opinions of Skaggs' coaching ability/decisions on Carter's play last year, I'll agree with you but Jack and Sam deserve major minutes on this year's team.   Lastly, Logansport has had players of Adaway's caliber before. Lozier was a 1976 All-Stater (basketball and football) who went to Michigan and Caleb Springer was second team all state in 1996. Adaway is not far superior to either.
  10. PrideofFeeLane

    (2017) G Jalen Adaway

      Disagree 100%. Logansport is a small school by 4A standards and due to that, someone Adaway's size belongs in the post (he is the 2nd tallest on the team. Instead, Logan's coach starts him at the 2 guard, gives him the green light shooting, and runs the offense through him. Sounds like a coach who realizes he has a special talent and knows Adaway's future is as a guard/wing at the collegiate level, regardless of what his specific team needs are.   Thoughts, BlueDevil2aHoosier?
  11. PrideofFeeLane

    Next Season/Offseason

    Not sure the bolded part of your quote is true:   http://scoop.hoosiershq.com/2015/12/could-camion-patrick-fit-at-running-back-in-2016-iufb/   Notable McCullough quotes:   “I need prolonged time with guys like that. I’m looking forward to it, if that’s what it’s gonna be. He’s looking forward to it. He came over and did some individual (drills) with us. I said, ‘You need some time with us, man, to make that full conversion from a great athlete and scout team running back to a (full-time) running back and being that guy.’ I definitely like what he brings to the table.”   “Defensive coaches would tell me, ‘Hey, you need to watch the tape of him.’ It was something to be seen, for sure. Now, it’s about taking that, harnessing it into the particulars of our offense and (doing it) as a running back and not just getting the ball and taking off running. It’s actually (understanding), ‘I have keys and there’s some pace to this. I have to do some different things.’ It’ll be exciting to see how that crosses over if the full-blown decision is to make him a running back.”   “He’s got some size, some strength, and he’s got some juice,” McCullough said. “He’s got great hands and he’s very excited about that possibility, which hasn’t been finalized yet. I just want some more time with him.”   Wilson Note:   Wilson said last week that Patrick is currently splitting time between receiver and running back in practice.   ------------------------------------------   I'm not claiming the switch will happen, just saying it seems more of a possibility than you're allowing for.
  12. PrideofFeeLane

    Next Season/Offseason

    In no way am I disagreeing with you assertion. However, he did line up at RB for the scout team in many practices and impressed from what I've read. CKW and McCullough have both spoke of this in pressers and said he's been splitting time between WR and RB in practice.   Of note, our WR crew should be solid next year with Jones, Paige, Simmie (if he can catch the ball), and others. RB is shaky if Howard does indeed leave.   It's not as if a WR to RB position change is uncommon or unsuccessful (think Prosise this year), especially when the WR is 225.
  13. PrideofFeeLane

    Next Season/Offseason

    In response to Question #4, it's sounding like Camion Patrick may fill a void at RB.   Will be interesting to see what position he plays next season. From all accounts, Camion seems to be an explosive and exciting player.
  14. Wasn't sure where to put the recruiting note. Didn't feel it was worthy of its own thread and felt this was most appropriate given the conference ties. Mods feel free to delete/move if necessary.
  15. Being from the area, the above two teams are historically pretty bad. I'll be able to catch a game or two of Vijay's this year, I'll be sure to report back on what I see.   Wasn't sure where to post the following but felt it is was relevant to this thread as he plays in the same conference as Vijay:   Jalen Adaway (2017) from Logansport is having a terrific start to his season. Through his first three games, he's averaging 28.7 ppg. His name has been thrown around in a few recruiting threads (and is on ITH's recruiting list of names to watch for IU) but don't think he has his own thread as we haven't offered. He holds offers from Indiana State, IUPUI, Ball State, and Evansville. He's been to Hoosier Hysteria the last two years and also took an official to Xavier for Musketeer Madness. Of note, he plays on the talented 2017 Indy Hoosiers team.   My take: I've watched Adaway play different sports since his elementary school days (he's a year behind my younger brother). Throughout the years, he's always been great for the area because of his athleticism but, to be completely honest, I wasn't sure he'd ever hone his craft enough to contribute at a high Division 1 level. Through the first three games, he's erased those doubts. His first two years at Logansport mainly consisted of highlight reel dunks (as I said, elite level athleticism) but he didn't have much of an outside shot, didn't always want to play defense, and was suspended for an off the court issue (not Jaquan Lyle type issues though). This year, he's improved those issues tremendously. Against Cass, he went unconscious in the third quarter and hit five straight threes (outside shot). He can create his own shot off the dribble but doesn't force things and seems to be willing to make the extra pass even though he is clearly the star for the Berries. Against Peru, last night, he was tasked to guard a kid who put up 15+ in the first half. The Peru kid was a non factor the rest of the game and Logansport went on a 21-0 run that quarter (defense). However, my big takeaway from the first three games is the change in Jalen's character. As I said earlier, he had past issues that made me question his judgment/maturity. I can't speak for these issues as I'm not personally involved with the team or school system but, on the court, Jalen is a great representative of Logansport High School. He is incredibly intense/fiery but doesn't question bad calls or stand over players after dunks/blocks like some stars do. In fact, he can often be seen helping opposing team's players off the floor or going out of his way to get a loose ball for the ref.    Oh, and did I mention HE CAN DUNK.   I'd be surprised if there's a better dunker in the IHSAA right now.    All in all, I'm not sure if he'll ever receiver an IU offer but he's a kid to keep an eye on this season. A few highlight tapes on Youtube from the first three games this season can be found (Lewis Cass game shows him completely taking over).   I have zero connection to this kid (other than coaching him on an All-Star baseball team 7+ years ago) but just thought some might be interested in a possible under the radar type local kid.    I'll be at most Logansport games this season and can report back if there's interest.   Cheers! Good to see someone else noticing Jalen. I'm from Logansport he has made the program fun to watch again since Rhoades left. I've been to almost every Logan game the last 3 years and cannot believe how much he as improved both as a player and as a person. He is definitely the team leader. Last night I thought was a great example of him keeping his head when things got extremely chippy in the second quarter and he wasn't involved in any of it. His outside shot has improved a ton and I think it's only a matter of time before the bigger programs come calling. He has insane range/wingspan. 6'4" 6"5 but plays defense as if he is 6'7" 6'8". It is so fun watching him play.   Don't mean to hijack the Blackmon thread, but I am personally acquainted with the Logansport AD.  IU has watched Adaway on numerous occasions.  He's likey done growing and last year, IU told him that he would probably play the 2 at a top program and had to work on his outside shot and ballhandling.  He clearly did this over the summer as Pride mentioned.  Brian Strong is awesome