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  1. Franklin will end his career as one of the most favorite players to spend four years Bloomington. If this kid gets solid minutes as a frosh we will be a better basketball team next season. He will push Al without question.
  2. Plenty of bodies to soak up the minutes at the 5 (pretending nobody transfers). Should be looking for about 5-7 minutes per game. If......IF Hunter can play, he can be used at 3-4-5 on D. It’s just a fricken crapshoot till we know his status.
  3. Let’s hope Al takes the next step to become a shooter, and Green realizes the importance of decision making, AND that Rob improves his shooting. We will only be as good as our guards ability to knock down open shots (including Franklin) We can win with a front court of DD, TJD, HUNTER, SMITH (think he’s leaving), RACE, DAMEZI, MOORE
  4. Based on being healthy, there is zero chance Davis doesn’t start. We should be a very big team next year....and a major matchup nightmare. Hunter, TJD, Davis are most likely our starters up front.
  5. You are right on the money. A lot of the possible succes relies on JH (ok, heck most of the success) but if that kid can play I LOVE our chances with him DD and TJD up top with a year of seasoning for our backcourt. If we add a shooter and a transfer or under valued frosh.....next year could be special.
  6. Cletus20

    (2019) PF Trayce Jackson-Davis to INDIANA

    Seriously? He doesn't excite you? A 5 star Indiana kid who was on Team USA Under 18 team, and most likely a Burger Boy.......and he doesn't excite you?
  7. I say keep it all in state for 2019 Brooks - possible OAD, but too much talent to let slip away TJD - awesome 2-3 yr player who will make us more athletic instantly Newman - this roster needs more shooters
  8. Would LOVE to get the best player in the second largest city to choose IU. The Fort is an IU Town, and this would energize the area even more.
  9. Cletus20

    2019 General Recruiting Thread

    Damezi and Hunter could both fill that role in 2019. Two big athletic shooting guards would be a dream! Hell, who knows......maybe Al will put the time in and become that slashing 2 who can shoot? Nice problem to have.
  10. He's a really good guy, been around a long time. Not as connected as some, but when he does have info to share its pretty solid.
  11. Wisky 64 IU 56 Happ kills us again
  12. Seriously no RAY TOLBERT! Add Winston Morgan, Greg Graham, Michael Lewis, Will Gladness (RIP), Chris Reynolds, Lyndon Jones
  13. Yeah I think this whole topic on JBJ is nuts. Not sure if there is a better pure shooter currently in the class. The NBA is about matchups and who fits in the systems being run. JBJ could get 4-8 wide open uncontested attempts in the league each night......yeah I'd pick him every day of the week. Defense? Nobody improved more on the IU team than Jimmy Buckets! Hope this kid comes back, leads this group to the next level and cashes in on another year to get healthy!
  14. Cletus20


    Easy answer: Margot Robbie!
  15. Cletus20


    While many have mentioned Collins, how about another guy from Coach K's stable: Jeff Capel?