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  1. brandct

    Two questions

    In Dolson's interview he probably told them he would bring in the cheapest option who he thought he could sell to the fan base.
  2. brandct

    Two questions

    “Come to Indiana play for me let’s win a title. You know you have the skill and I can assemble a team that’s going to win. If I am not here with the new rules you can walk at anytime without a problem.” As I said with the new portal rules it’s a completely different ball game no sitting out for transferring. If you have played good ball you go to the highest bidder on the NIL.
  3. brandct

    Two questions

    I mean during that 6 game skid last year I seen enough to know he was not going to be the answer. I never got hyped up about this year like a lot of people, and kept telling family his coaching would catch up to the team and they would fall apart.
  4. brandct

    Two questions

    If you don’t want the job because you are scared of getting fired for failing… you are not the man for the job. Honestly with the portal and the nil this is a new college basketball and it does not take years to rebuild.
  5. brandct

    Two questions

    This is out you become a has been, which we basically already are now. However the fan base still has expectations.
  6. brandct

    Mike Woodson and His Coaching Staff

    Dwayne Stephens is looked at by a bunch of people as the one to take over the Michigan State job.
  7. brandct

    Mike Woodson and His Coaching Staff

    Hunter Lewis/Fife Another Recruiter AJ Moye DOBO
  8. That was someone pretending to be him lol
  9. He posted that a couple of weeks ago when it was thinking Stevens also. I don't think the picture means anything.
  10. brandct

    Candidate Thread: Porter Moser

    I would only have a toe left in the door. I already have one foot out the door.
  11. brandct

    General Coach Candidate News

    I would take about anyone over Moser
  12. Because if he plays another year of college ball it will be at Indiana or he will be going pro. No need to enter the portal.
  13. At this point I am just praying it is anyone but Moser.
  14. brandct

    Candidate Thread: Porter Moser

    My problem with all 4 of those years he has had one player that is now the leading scorer, rebounder, and assist man in school history. Let’s see what he can do without him.
  15. No, but I am not attached to the next girl for 4-5 years more than likely I am attached to her for one night before I sneak out.