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  1. Yeah...that's just not right. TK has verbally said IU is in within the last few months. Unless all that was smoke. Who knows...
  2. Agree; pretty nuts. Personally, I just can't understand what's attractive about playing there. If you want to win a championship, it's not the place. If you want to play in the NBA, it's not the place. And speaking from experience, West Lafayette is about as boring of a campus as you can find. The reason kids go there is due to an IU-chip created by the PU coaching staff. They recruit using big brother as a lever.
  3. I'm not saying my glass is half full, but this is bonkers. There's definitely a chance it's a misdirect considering he's been long thought to be an IU lock. Probably not if that recording holds true, but many recruits have used gimmicks to hold recruiting bases in suspense or grabbing one hat then grabbing another right before they commit. Either way, he's a great kid and I hope he ends up in Bloomington. Peegs did change his CB to PU thought...bummer.
  4. Rabjohns just posted (or is posting) an update & interview with TK today. Has anyone listened / can anyone summarize if you're a member of the other board? Without plagiarizing of course.
  5. IU-DL

    Jordyn Williams 3* WR

    He's got something special...had an Alabama offer and is top 100 in ESPN.
  6. IU-DL

    (2021) SF - Aminu Mohammed

    I agree, back to Aminu! (but CAM>CTC, for what it's worth). :)
  7. He hasn't posted anything in a long while...not just here. Don't look too much into it.
  8. IU-DL

    I Need a New Grill - Advice Please

    I have had cheap grills all my life until I purchase a Weber. Very solid, heavy gas grill. I use it with a small smoker tube that can burn for a couple hours on the top rack if I want that flavor and the temp can go quite low if you want to do ribs/brisket/whatever. I'm not sure I have the patience it takes to have a Green Egg and I don't want to invest the money in both.
  9. IU-DL

    A Transfer Coming?

    That's an opinion by another user, not ignorance. Durham has hit his ceiling and it's not terribly high. Does that make those of us who feel that way ignorant as well? People are entitled to pass along opinions on this site. Be nice - it goes a long way.
  10. IU-DL

    A Transfer Coming?

    I don't either and that was the first I'd heard of it. Al is a very logical grad transfer for many reasons. One big one is named KLander. He's also, IMO, a much better fit at a smaller program.
  11. IU-DL

    A Transfer Coming?

    Buddy just text me and said he heard Franklin wasn't happy/was considering transferring as well. I hadn't heard a peep about him being unhappy. Could see Al though. Anyone hearing anything other than DA?
  12. IU-DL

    Bracketology and Team Resumes

    I'm sure this has been posted elsewhere, but how about our final ranking in KenPom?!?! Yet another sizable leap for the program and for our defense. It's real, measured progress, folks. 34th overall, 65th on offense, 26th on defense. 2019 was 52/82/32. 2018 was 71/92/65. We call that a 3 year improve/improve/improve. Just projecting here, but 2021....20/52/20.
  13. Yuck. Never understand a kid wanting to play for pork chop...among many other reasons to avoid West Lafayette.
  14. (1) Is Kaufman also considering reclassifying and (2) does anyone have an inside track on whether he's close to committing anywhere? On the only other reputable site, it was mentioned that some thought he didn't want to go to the same school as Lander. That makes absolutely no sense to me as they're a PG and a PF/SF. @Chris007 - where's your intel here? ;)
  15. IU-DL

    How Far Can This Team Go?

    I agree that Devonte's the X-Factor. I actually love it when he's on and in a groove; he can carry our whole team and the court spreads wayyyyy out. Man...when he's on, we're top-10 incredible (crimson goggles, maybe). However, he rarely puts together back to back halves, let alone games. I'll also give some credit that he appears to have stopped the extremely unnecessary "fancy" passing over the last couple of games. That, more than anything, makes me want to pull my teeth out one by one.