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  1. To permit is to promote. This is on the NCAA and MSU for looking the other way for years. The administration should have been torn down from the top when Nasser happened. MSU is dirty across the board, including golden boy Izzo.
  2. IU-DL

    Jalen Hood-Schifino - LA Lakers

    Very true as I am lazy.
  3. IU-DL

    Jalen Hood-Schifino - LA Lakers

    Late to the game here due to a family vacation, but what a punishment to end up on LeBron's team. That narcissist squeezes coaches and players out of organizations on the regular. No one is as superior as the self proclaimed king, let it be known. No way JHS finds a way to shine in LA as long as LeBron is there. Who wants to guess my opinion and feelins on LeBron James?
  4. IU-DL

    (2024) - SG Jaeden Mustaf to Georgia Tech

    Woody has yet to ask me to play golf. Or really, ask me anything. I guess my invite to your anniversary dinner got lost in the mail, Chris.
  5. IU-DL

    (2024) - CG Dylan Harper

    Harper Jr just lit up Dakich on Twitter, and I love it. I'm so sick of DD and his antics. He's an absolute embarrassment to IU and any recruit or player associated with the program.
  6. That's about as glass half-empty of a statement that could ever be made about Woodson. He's a mentor to Melo. Go back to the Kansas board! Haha.
  7. IU-DL

    (2024) - Liam McNeeley

    Just bumped into KHunter at the airport in FL. He was at the game recruiting last night. Also….SUPER nice guy. Chatted with me casually. Very approachable. I’m like a super insider now.
  8. IU-DL

    IUBB at Xavier - Friday, 11/18/22 @ 6:00 on FS1

    Don't forget what happened when we went up 9...the zebras showed up. "Technical foul" on Reneau, which was total BS and VERRRRRY soft, which turned into a 5 point swing. 2 free throws and a 3. How about the Xavier scream and stare down after the alley-oop? No technical on Xavier? How about the kid who fouled out looking at the ref and saying "That's F***ing Bulls**t". No tech. How about 5 minutes in to the second half, Xavier is fouling IU like crazy...7 fouls to 1 if I recall correctly. 2 minutes later...IU has 7 fouls. We beat Xavier, at Xavier, and we beat the officials that called the game. The zebras let Xavier back into it, and I don't really care what you think of my one sided opinion!! That was some home cookin'.
  9. IU-DL

    IUBB at Xavier - Friday, 11/18/22 @ 6:00 on FS1

    I have some serious crimson goggle syndrome going on. IU is a 3 point favorite according to KenPom, and a 1 point dog according to Torvik. We outmatch Xavier at every position, and some in our 2nd squad. I see a victory with a somewhat sizable margin. Tell me I'm crazy....
  10. IU-DL

    Fire Tom Allen

    We'll see if Dolson is willing to own his mistake(s). I bought into the hype as LEO was growing as many of us did, and we had our remarkable season which ended in a VERY poor coaching decision that cost us a bowl win. That said, it's over and we're headed down a very dark path. If you think this year feels bad, wait until next year...and the year after...with very limited recruits coming in and likely a flood of players entering the portal. We won't win a single B1G game next year. Tell me I'm wrong. IU Football has been a great love of mine since I was young. We always had season tickets and drove from 3.5 hours away for every home game. I'm 44, so I got to see some great years with AT and Randel El coming to mind. But that's not who Indiana Football is now. Very simply stated, we're cheap. We seem to think it's ok to remain a true loser program, yet there's a major disconnect. First, the fans don't like it at all - they're/we're fed up. And second, we're leaving SO much revenue on the table by being a bottom-feeding program. Step up, pay for a proven winner and fix it. Get your guy, pay him big for 3 years then re-up BIG. Go find a former NFL player and/or proven coach that can speak to recruits, and don't put a cap on his recruiting budget. Deion Sanders. Urban Meyer (red flags, I know, but if given the opportunity...) or someone with a similar profile. Then, look back at how much more financially stable the entire athletic program is. This is not an opinion. We need to quit this nonsense with embracing being losers. I'm cranky! Feedback is welcome if you support my logic! HA~!
  11. All - I'm on the State of IN Board of Directors for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, and we have 3 AWESOME sets of tix in our annual Purple Tie Ball auction. These are for the game on the day after Thanksgiving. This is for the silent auction, which closes Saturday night. 2 courtside seats, literally front row 2 Spirit of 76 club seats 2 Row 12 center court seats Also, bourbon lovers...enjoy the selection~! If you feel inclined, please bid/support/share!! It's a great cause - thanks!!! https://auction.cff.org/?idPortal=3266&idEntityKey=0&portalKey=c1b09c58517704b775ee4206f834f05b Gobble-gobble! IU-DL
  12. IU-DL

    Started a podcast... Finally.

    Get Moye on as a guest. One of the best IU interviews I've ever heard was him on a podcast. He described how Mike Davis got the job, and how he composed himself as a coach. It was pure gold. Funny, jaw dropping, honest.
  13. IU-DL

    (2024) PF - Derik Queen

    Honest question...is Maryland just following IU and Woody around, offering every recruit we offer? Sure seems like their game right now. "We have no one on the roster, you get an immediate starting spot unlike IU". These last few don't feel like they ever gave IU a realistic shot. Pretty crazy for a program with a large question mark over their heads. I'm not worried about recruiting at all, especially once we prove ourselves on the court this year. These last few just smell a bit...
  14. IU-DL

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    How about Dawson Garcia? We recruited him out of HS and he just entered the portal, transferring from NC. Long shot, I'm sure, but one can hope/dream.
  15. IU-DL

    PC Stellar Purdue v St. Peter’s sins

    Gooooooooood morning! Thought you all could use a good'ol Saturday morning laugh at the expense of Purdue. Enjoy!