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  1. IU-DL

    Jordyn Williams 3* WR

    He's got something special...had an Alabama offer and is top 100 in ESPN.
  2. IU-DL

    (2021) SF - Aminu Mohammed

    I agree, back to Aminu! (but CAM>CTC, for what it's worth). :)
  3. IU-DL

    (2021) PF Trey Kaufman

    He hasn't posted anything in a long while...not just here. Don't look too much into it.
  4. IU-DL

    I Need a New Grill - Advice Please

    I have had cheap grills all my life until I purchase a Weber. Very solid, heavy gas grill. I use it with a small smoker tube that can burn for a couple hours on the top rack if I want that flavor and the temp can go quite low if you want to do ribs/brisket/whatever. I'm not sure I have the patience it takes to have a Green Egg and I don't want to invest the money in both.
  5. IU-DL

    A Transfer Coming?

    That's an opinion by another user, not ignorance. Durham has hit his ceiling and it's not terribly high. Does that make those of us who feel that way ignorant as well? People are entitled to pass along opinions on this site. Be nice - it goes a long way.
  6. IU-DL

    A Transfer Coming?

    I don't either and that was the first I'd heard of it. Al is a very logical grad transfer for many reasons. One big one is named KLander. He's also, IMO, a much better fit at a smaller program.
  7. IU-DL

    A Transfer Coming?

    Buddy just text me and said he heard Franklin wasn't happy/was considering transferring as well. I hadn't heard a peep about him being unhappy. Could see Al though. Anyone hearing anything other than DA?
  8. IU-DL

    Bracketology and Team Resumes

    I'm sure this has been posted elsewhere, but how about our final ranking in KenPom?!?! Yet another sizable leap for the program and for our defense. It's real, measured progress, folks. 34th overall, 65th on offense, 26th on defense. 2019 was 52/82/32. 2018 was 71/92/65. We call that a 3 year improve/improve/improve. Just projecting here, but 2021....20/52/20.
  9. Yuck. Never understand a kid wanting to play for pork chop...among many other reasons to avoid West Lafayette.
  10. (1) Is Kaufman also considering reclassifying and (2) does anyone have an inside track on whether he's close to committing anywhere? On the only other reputable site, it was mentioned that some thought he didn't want to go to the same school as Lander. That makes absolutely no sense to me as they're a PG and a PF/SF. @Chris007 - where's your intel here? ;)
  11. IU-DL

    How Far Can This Team Go?

    I agree that Devonte's the X-Factor. I actually love it when he's on and in a groove; he can carry our whole team and the court spreads wayyyyy out. Man...when he's on, we're top-10 incredible (crimson goggles, maybe). However, he rarely puts together back to back halves, let alone games. I'll also give some credit that he appears to have stopped the extremely unnecessary "fancy" passing over the last couple of games. That, more than anything, makes me want to pull my teeth out one by one.
  12. IU-DL

    Bracketology and Team Resumes

    I like how we're positioned. One, it's very good when IU is in the tournament. Our fans watch and travel. The selection committee knows that. Two, forget the NET rankings, Lunardi and all the others that like to play games before the season is over. Just last week "Purdue was a lock" to make it on several sites. Give me a break. We have a strong case to make the tournament and can only improve from here. No bad losses, quite a few great wins and a huge win over FSU. I see three scenarios: We finish very strong: Win both home games, possibly win in Lafayette and maybe pick off a B1G tournament game. And with that, we get a 6 seed. We play as expected, go 2-2 to finish the season and *maybe show up for a game in the B1G, 8-9 seed. We lay an egg, go 1-3 in our final games and lose our first B1G game. 10-12 seed. Just a guess, but I'm guessing an accurate guess, wouldn't you guess?
  13. IU-DL

    Bracketology and Team Resumes

    I don't get it either. They have a few impressive wins, but an absolute ton of losses where they don't show up at all. 14-13 and in the low 30's on net? C'mon... - For what it's worth, the NET hates Virginia too. IU has the same resume with a tougher schedule than half of the teams ahead of them.
  14. IU-DL

    The Next Six Games

    Try to keep in mind, with what CTC left CAM, he had no choice. Couldn't get rid of anyone, so the 2 years of waste were the hand he was dealt. It would have been nice to see him perform better, but in my mind, these are not guys CAM would recruit. He is looking for defensive minded guys that understand the game....hopefully with some talent to go with it. I would not classify several of the names mentioned in this thread as guys that play that way. And Green is 100% a "Crean-style" guy, and 100% the opposite under CAM. I'll take my lumps, but I defend CAM if what I read is true. He couldn't make moves, Fisher says there's more to the story than people know and we simply have a few rotten eggs. I only wish CAM was more assertive with benching guys, but look at his situation (and stop comparing him to what Knight did against Illinois). RMK was not in a "bubble" situation, nor was he on a hot-seat. He had the luxury, earned, of doing whatever he wanted. CAM does not. Stress and pressure are the definition of his role right now. CAM wa dealt a hand of 3 queens, 1 king and an off suit ace the way I see it. That COULD play out, but most times doesn't.
  15. Agree with all of this 100%. Question: Is Archie worried about his job?