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  1. This kid is absolutely first-class. He took my son (going into 8th grade) under his wing at Brebeuf football camp and has been overly kind to him. Preaching academics, hence his interest in Stanford. I thanked him for how he treated my son and he responded with gratitude, sincerity and kindness. One of the good ones; trust me. I hope he ends up in Bloomington...and I might have told him that.
  2. IU-DL

    (2022) - SF Justin Taylor to Syracuse

    Not a single vote yet on 247. Normally someone on there has early insight. Lord knows my optimism sets me up for heartbreak, but as Lloyd Christmas would say, "you're tellin' me there's a chance".
  3. IU-DL

    (2022) - SF Justin Taylor to Syracuse

    You better bite your tongue with all that Chapel Hill talk 007! #NeverForget #RosaParks https://www.businessinsider.com/unc-athlete-essay-a-minus-2014-10
  4. IU-DL

    (2022) - SF Justin Taylor to Syracuse

    Or maybe it was a REALLY great visit, he's leaning IU and doesn't want a bunch of rabid fans attacking him. This, my friends, is how I see things through my crimson goggles.
  5. IU-DL

    College Bball Thread

    Izzo will help cover this up just like he did all the multiple rapes and multiple rapists on his teams. Just take these good-hearted boys to a children's hospital in East Lansing and it will all go away. MSU is as shady as it gets.
  6. I don't think CMW is a 2 post guy from what I read and the 1 in 4 out stuff I watched/read. We will consistently have 4 scoring threats on the perimeter and one guy moving around in the lane as the plays unfold. The lane needs to stay open so plays can develop and the motion offense can work properly. 2 guys in the post would ruin that.
  7. IU-DL

    2021 Transfer Portal

    Very strange announcement. Says he “won’t return” but doesn’t specifically say he’s in the portal. Wonder if Woodson asked him to leave.
  8. IU-DL

    Cards Fans

    Delete this crappy thread. #FlyTheW
  9. I'm not scared of K or Cal anymore. Woody, in my mind, is a man of the people and a man on a mission. My neighbor's kid, who is an incoming sophomore at IU, is buddies with a bunch of guys on the team. He said they absolutely LOVE CMW. So...rat face and slime ball can try and go toe-to-toe with CMW. Until proven wrong, I'll bet on IU. Now Howard at Michigan....his recruiting ability scares me.
  10. So what, if any, moves do Woodson and company make regarding the departure of Mike Roberts from the coaching staff?
  11. IU-DL

    2021 Transfer Portal

    Brooks has been tied to IU for quite some time now. He wanted the glitz, glamour and fast-path to the NBA at UK...didn't pan out. He could use a change of scenery as well, IMO. Personally, I'd welcome him with open arms. Fills out our roster almost perfectly.
  12. What an incredible change in climate in comparison to 3 weeks ago for us IUBB fans. I was admittedly less than thrilled originally, but my cup is overflowing now. Any word as to which young men we might be continuing to target for the last open scholarship?
  13. IU-DL

    Next Year’s Roster

    If I'm reading CMW correctly, he wants to run and score. With that, RP is going to have to push the ball a LOT more. I think we'll see Race develop a jumper (hopefully) the way Juwan Morgan did....sort of an inside/outside threat. Also, on another thread it was mentioned that Parker Stewart was by far the best player in practice the last month, so that's uplifting. I think Race is our guy to join XJ, RP, PS and TJD. I don't see Hunter taking over a starting spot from Race unless there's a major leap in effort on offense & defensive abilities.
  14. IU-DL

    Player decisions

    I watched the whole Fife interview and took it the same way, @Chris007. Gotta say...I really like Fife's demeanor. He's funny; to the point, really gets it. All that said, do we think we're at risk of losing Jerome Hunter still or is he also locked in?
  15. Whose families had the foam IU brick to throw? My grandfather did....and it was during the Woody era, so this is on topic.