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  1. I agree. Would be really interesting to do a “post-mortem” to see if we can figure out exactly what went wrong and why.
  2. hoosierfan84

    CBB: Roy Williams Retires from UNC

    Some of us were never on the Stevens train to begin with.
  3. Because in the feeble, simpleton mindset, whatever happened somewhere else just has to happen at Indiana. They can't process it any other way.
  4. I do believe that once all the dust settles, and everybody adjusts to the fact that their guy didn't get the job, they'll realize that 1) one of our own is at the helm; 2) he will be afforded the appropriate transitional learning curve; 3) he will not only be coaching but working to once again instill that IU basketball culture that has been long gone. Give the man an opportunity. The program doesn't need rebuilt as it did when CTC inherited the mess he did, but it does need the right culture instilled once and for all, and the right people brought in who believe in and will embrace and promote that right culture. If IU fans turn on one of their own, then that speaks worse for our fan base than for our coach. Fact is, everybody will be waiting to see how this goes, but I think it has tremendous, mostly unseen potential, and shows Dolson is thinking outside the proverbial box. Everybody thinks this is risky for IU. So it may be. We look back, it was risky hiring Archie. But it is just as risky for Woodson who is heading toward the end of his career, and I'm sure he'd like to cap it off with a good run at IU, so it is equally risky for him. It is also just as risky for Dolson, as if he gets this wrong in the end, he's done as an AD. Talk about one and done. Anyhow, let's all relax and support our new coach as he seeks to return IU to a winning culture that we all once appreciated (and still do). I think he's going to raise a lot of eyebrows and surprise a lot of people.
  5. Hey, Kravitz wasn't smart enough to turn the TV down while he was on the phone.
  6. Exactly. Sure there are plenty of soft kids today, but there are a ton of kids out there that want to be disciplined, and who want to be really coached. That argument is a bunch of bunk if you ask me.
  7. Again, players come and go all the time when coaching changes are made. If they want to be here, fine. If not, fine. I'm quite confident in Woodson's tone meaning that he wants them to see that IU is a great place to be and to play ball. He's dealt with more finicky personalities in the NBA. In the end, if they want to go, he's gonna say go. I'm quite certain that when the day is done, whoever leaves will have left not because Mike Woodson is the coach, but rather that they didn't like what Mike Woodson was going to expect of them. Stop.
  8. No it won’t. Players come and go all the time when a coaching change occurs. If they go, they go. Just as Woodson wants to be at IU, you want players who want to be at IU too. Quit playing Chicken Little. Your schtick is way past old already.
  9. Just like a physician, the first rule is to do no harm. With Woodson, you can be assured he’ll do no harm to the IU basketball program. He loves it too much. He’s gonna be fine. Surround with the best people, lean on Matta as you learn the college landscape, it’s gonna work out. Just have a good feeling about Coach and this hire.
  10. And Midol. Lot of cramping going on today.
  11. Plus, what few people are even talking about... Woodson is an IU grad. He's coming home to coach his alma mater. This is just a risky move for him as it is for IU. I mean, he fails, how do you think that will play out in B-town? How do you think his reputation will take a hit? On the surface, this hire looks really baffling, but when you step back and start thinking about it, could very well be a stroke of genius.