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  1. This move proves that there was a lot of influence from Isiah in my eyes.
  2. beaver56

    General New Coach News

    Spill it... Lol
  3. beaver56

    General New Coach News

    Surely it couldn't be Bruce Pearl.
  4. beaver56

    General New Coach News

    Exactly why I think there was more to the Stevens thing.
  5. Never said he was, I just thinking there is some major league **** tossing going around.
  6. I have also heard Matta may be in play. Weird theory though. Could they hire Matta to transition the program until the NBA season is over? Crazy thought, but I find it extremely hard to believe their isn't more info being shared after the Stevens presser relating to anyone other than Woodson or Matta. If IU was all in, as they were according to many, and boosters basically said make it happen and they fired Archie without a plan it would be suicide for Dolson. Something seems very odd and off. I never bought the Donovan talk, but Stevens is very intelligent and I think Dolson is as well. Sometimes common sense can tell us a lot and there is way more going on than any person on this board even knows. People leak info to create diversions all the time, but this all feels way to damn scripted and sequenced.
  7. I had the same thought.
  8. Exactly, it felt scripted.
  9. I am not sure this ship has completely sailed. Just a feeling.
  10. Something weird behind the scenes.
  11. Easy to say, but if you could get a handsome raise, not have to recruit and travel year round, have more time with your family, etc. it would be a hard sell. Money talks yes, but quality of life means a lot to a person like him. He has great integrity. He didn't play anyone, he weighed his options and held all the trump cards to get what he wanted from both IU and Boston. Bottom line, it is a business. I am sure this has been extremely hard for him and his wife.
  12. Did you know that Kobe was going to Chicago if the Lakers didn't trade Shaq. So far even that Kobe and his family were shopping for houses and schools. Kobe even said it was a done deal himself in interviews. Then at the last minute they traded Shaq and the rest is history. Insiders had that scoop and it changed. We have no idea what has transpired in the last 2 days. Their info could be 100% legit and something change in Boston to divert it. Who knows, but nothing is ever definite until it is. They have balls for sharing what they have heard and I thank them for that. What did they gain from it? Nothing, except being bashed on the message board. If they were getting paid it would be different.
  13. When I start seeing transfers announced and decommitments I will start panicking. The players are kept in the loop more than we know.
  14. Don't worry he is flaming on the other site as well. I have never seen the likes of people threatening people on message boards. So, dumb. We all have our opinions and believe what we choose. The bottom line is that I read damn near every comment on this thread and am disappointed if this is true. But, to say someone needs a brick to the head. C'mon. Grow the hell up.