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    MemphisHoosier got a reaction from HinnyHoosier in (2020) SF Jordan Geronimo   
    This is where I am at as well with a lot of the recent offers & interest - Arch is trying to close up Leal, Galloway & Cross by the early signing period.
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    MemphisHoosier reacted to HoosierDYT in (2020) SF Jordan Geronimo   
    I think we’ve seen Archie offer similarly related recruits to “nudge” a preferred candidate in the right direction (IU). I believe it happened with Aaron Henry / Jerome Hunter / Damezi Anderson and to some extent with RP and James Akinji
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    MemphisHoosier reacted to Chris007 in Ed Schilling leaving   
    His doctor and close friend live here (Rink) plus his other close friends Hammel and Bomba all live here. The ranch he was living on there wasn't anything close by for miles. The family needed to be around other people. 
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    MemphisHoosier reacted to Brass Cannon in (2021) SF - Aminu Mohammed   
    His dad need a job? 
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    MemphisHoosier reacted to WayneFleekHoosier in (2020) SG Trey Galloway   
    Agree completely. Also want to add that getting them and them not playing much could do the same but worse.

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    MemphisHoosier reacted to Walking Boot of Doom in (2020) SG Trey Galloway   
    Our targets fit the exact recruiting strategy the entire fanbase demanded during Crean’s years. Lock down the border and sign multi-year players. Can’t control when the state has a down year.

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    MemphisHoosier reacted to Stuhoo in (2020) SG Trey Galloway   
    For me I've completely changed my recruiting standard; I now tend to assess based on how I've seen it done for college football.
    I now primarily look at a player's offer list to assess whether he's highly regarded. Trey Galloway's offer list is incredibly impressive; Michigan State, OSU, Purdue, ND, Kansas trying to get into the equation. Leal and Cross have good lists, but not as good as Trey.
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    MemphisHoosier reacted to Hollywood Mike Miranda in (2020) SG Trey Galloway   
    Which power 5 schools in the Midwest don't recruit hard against us?! Or each other for that matter? Everyone recruits hard against everyone else. It's the name of the game, dude.
    And he didn't "take" anyone from Bloomington. Musa Jallow wasn't a real priority for us. If anything, IU gave him away... your welcome, OSU, for the whopping 2.9 points per game he gave you last year.
    The only thing obvious here is how much of an immature troll you are. Why it's taken me so long to block you boggles my mind. Anyways, nice knowin' ya, FK... try to enjoy puberty when it finally hits, kiddo.
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    MemphisHoosier reacted to rebelcc in (2020) SG Trey Galloway   
    Hotlmann offers and in less than 24 hours some fans have decided...Holtmann hates IU, we are going to lose these kids to OSU, Coach Miller's career depends on these two, ....so on and so on.
    You all must be fun at parties. 
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    MemphisHoosier reacted to Chris007 in (2020) SG Trey Galloway   
    I think we're less than a month from this being a nonstory and Trey being a Hoosier. 
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    MemphisHoosier reacted to mdn82 in Ed Schilling leaving   
    For sure. My thing is how bad does he want to be great in that role? At what cost? It would be a great story if it happened. I think RMK would probably come back for that. I just worry if that work/home life balance is already a concern.

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    MemphisHoosier reacted to biteoftheapple in Ed Schilling leaving   
    Someone mentioned Keith Smart. I am curious if his battle with cancer has been successful. It was over 1 year ago that it was announced.
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    MemphisHoosier reacted to Chris007 in Ed Schilling leaving   
    I'm not sure I find myself credible but others do. 
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    MemphisHoosier reacted to moyemayhem in Ed Schilling leaving   
    Looks like we already have a couple Dakich topics created to dump all these posts...
    Dakich (1) Dakich (2) Wow Dakich! Dakich Comments Danny Dakich I HATE DAKICH!!!
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    MemphisHoosier reacted to Maedhros in Ed Schilling leaving   
    I'm not sure what you're trying to defend against here. There is no one to blame for my poor opinion of Dan Dakich other than Dan himself. It's not as though there's some ulterior motive at play to tarnish his legacy; he's earned it all through the way he carries himself and treats others. Maybe he truly is a terrific person in private, but that's not how he's chosen to use his public platform.
    If you want to tell me it's all shtick, an act he only does to get ratings, I'm not sure how that's supposed to be any better. I'll never get to know the real Dan, the person he is in his private life. All I'll ever see is the side of himself he chooses to put out in the world. And that side is obnoxious as hell. If he wanted me to think well of him the choice would be clear: don't be a dick. But that's not how he's chosen to get his ratings.
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    MemphisHoosier reacted to Stuhoo in Ed Schilling leaving   
    Dan Dakich, and his relationship with IU is ...
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    MemphisHoosier reacted to Chris007 in Ed Schilling leaving   
    Pat's moving back in with Bob just like the old days. :-)
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    MemphisHoosier reacted to Stuhoo in Ed Schilling leaving   
    Guys - don't plaster Chris with pms; just simply look to see which posts he "liked."
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    MemphisHoosier reacted to Chris007 in Ed Schilling leaving   
    My 8th grader thinks he makes coaching decisions.
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    MemphisHoosier reacted to Chris007 in Ed Schilling leaving   
    I said he knows Bloomington. I can testify he knows where Nick's is. 
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    MemphisHoosier reacted to RatpigHoosier in Ed Schilling leaving   
    Haris Mujezinovic!!!! I’ve been waiting for the day he makes his triumphant return.!

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    MemphisHoosier reacted to Class of '66 Old Fart in (2020) SF - Jalen Bridges   
    Stockrisers.com -
    He’s been a breakout prospect this spring and has continued his terrific play going into the summer; 2020 Jalen Bridges also has a rising recruitment after making the decision to reclassify to 2020 after being a member of the 2019 class.
    “I just feel like I wouldn’t be able to handle college next year mentally or physically so I think living on my own will be good for me. Also I want to go somewhere and play immediately and not have to redshirt,” Bridges said on reclassifying decision.
    He played great at the Adidas Gauntlet this past week and played in front of many coaches, which helped him garner some new interest.
    “Texas A&M and Oklahoma are the new ones on me.”
    He also landed an offer from Alabama two nights ago as well.
    He’s taken some unofficial visits, which came during the season, but he would like to take more visits. Where to though?
    “I don’t have any scheduled but I’ll probably try to get to Miami, Indiana, back to Ohio State, and Alabama.”
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    MemphisHoosier reacted to 8bucks in Ed Schilling leaving   
    Aug 1 - Sep 8 there is a quiet period for NCAA hoops. I am not sure all the rules but I could see us waiting till after then to make an announcement.

    Schools can get recruiting benefit if they have a yet to be announced staff member not limited during this period.

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    MemphisHoosier reacted to brumdog45 in Ed Schilling leaving   
    I've always been a fan of the Arkanxel Dragonbacks.
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    MemphisHoosier reacted to Feathery in Ed Schilling leaving   
    Ostrom is the top recruiter on staff. He took over as lead recruiter for Romeo and then we started to trend for him. He was the lead recruiter for both TJD and Franklin this class. He is a must have on staff imo.