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  1. The guards got cooked many times.
  2. Woodson is going to have to pull off a miracle in the portal to elevate the starting line up and I don't think it's possible, unless Reneau or.galloway are willing to.be 6th man.
  3. yard_dog

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    Impossible to have an elite, fast paced offense with mgbako, Galloway, and reneau all starting.
  4. yard_dog

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    That would be a terrible defensive team. Reneau offers zero rim protection. Tbh, you either have to choose Reneau or Galloway to.start, but not both. They're too similar of players; below average quickness, bad outside shooters, can only reliably score in the paint, average at best defenders.
  5. I'm surprised people think MR and Galloway can both be starters/play heavy minutes together and be a tournament team. Neither can shoot reliably and malik at the five would be a defensive disaster.
  6. yard_dog

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    Only if he's the third big. I've said this before, but I don't think Woodson is rolling the dice on underclassmen or unproven players again.
  7. And the Oscar goes to........Tyson Walker
  8. Neither does Galloway tbh, because he cant hit anything other than a floater. You need three guards/wings on the floor that can shoot. Galloway, mgbako, and reneau starting makes that impossible.
  9. yard_dog

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    Since it appears that Woodson.is going all.in on the portal, who on the staff is responsible for scouting/evaluating potential targets?
  10. Regardless of who comes back, I hope woodson is willing to go smaller and get more athletic. Ideally Galloway and Reneau would be spark plugs off the bench, with mgbako and four new starters.
  11. I don't think that's why recruiting has dried up. I think as the season has gone along, Woodson has decided he wants to focus on the portal only so.he can get proven, experienced players. Hes had to rely on too many young guys this year and would probably be happy to never rely on underclassmen again.
  12. And teams with six new freshmen don't? The problem isn't utilizing the portal, it's the amount of turnover on the roster.
  13. I don't really see the problem with being a portal heavy or only program. It might be less risky than HS recruiting, with less time and resources devoted
  14. Tend.to agree with all this. I also think Mgbako is coming back and with rumors of Furphy of kansas going pro, LM sees a chance to start on their team next season.
  15. yard_dog

    Liam decomitting

    The only consensus should be for everyone to get the hell out of Dolsons way and let him do his job.