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  1. I tend to agree IF we get a couple shooters. Otherwise this team isn't different enough from last year's. Or if Reneau becomes a stretch 4 in the offseason, which would make sense considering it is likely his only path to the league.
  2. Definitely a fair question. I do think that if people who are in the know (Izzo, for example) are crediting Woodson with Ware, then I will too. It feels like Reneau has improved a lot, but that could be just him maturing and getting stronger and a lack of TJD, like you said. Reneau is probably more subjective than Ware
  3. If there is one thing I've learned from joining this forum is that I am maybe more optimistic than a lot of Hoosier fans are right now, but I'll go ahead and say it. If there is one thing that the Woodson crew has shown they can do, it is develop players. TJD, JHS, Reneau, Ware, Mack. I really feel like they have a decent track record in this area. I have big hopes (probably too high) that we can get some talent from the portal and develop it. I also expect a different Gabe Cupps next season. The big knock seems to be that they don't focus on developing anyone who isn't NBA talent, which may just be conjecture.
  4. Lifelong IU fan. Grew up in S. Indiana, played collegiate football (not at IU, wasn't good enough, unfortunately). Not new to BTB because I'm a new fan. New because I've been over at ITH on their premium side of things. Nailed it, ha!
  5. Clearly you don't know me.
  6. Like I said, you can think what you want. BUT I'll keep thinking that Ware, Mack, and Reneau carried us again. I'll also keep thinking (like Izzo) that Woodson got that Ware motor going, instead of thinking that he is playing hard because of the "true fans"
  7. You can think what you want, but I'll keep on thinking that a bunch of angry people on a message board had very little to do with how much these kids want to win.
  8. Ah, so the true fans are the ones who are responsible for us wanting to win and closing out the season strong.... I thought it was the players...
  9. True Fan

    Bracketology and Team Resumes

    Maybe, but not blowing out Army, FGCU, Harvard, is what dug that hole. We blow those teams out and we are probably on the right side of the bubble even with those losses.
  10. True Fan

    Bracketology and Team Resumes

    NET definitely doesn't capture a team's improvement from early season to March. Fortunately, as far as I understand it anyways, the committee is allowed to use other factors in determining at large bids.
  11. True Fan

    Liam decomitting

    Sorry, I thought I posted what damage I thought would be caused. I was talking about the long term damage caused by panic buying a coach without doing the work on our end to really evaluate our program's needs. I also talked about the potential lack of interest from power conference coaches if it appears we fired him on a whim. Those are what I see as the risks
  12. True Fan

    Liam decomitting

    We really don't disagree on this as much as it appears on the surface. I think that letting him stay a year gives you a full year to truly evaluate your program's strengths and weaknesses. Really take a deep look at your needs and what gaps need to be filled to rebuild the program and then make the right hire based on that evaluation. I'm only for letting him stay another year IF we have a plan in place to find the right person and move on. If we aren't going to spend the year doing that and just fire him at the end of the year, then we might as well fire him now. There is no difference and in that scenario you are right, nothing good comes from keeping him another year.
  13. True Fan

    Liam decomitting

    Unfortunately we aren't Duke, UK, Kansas, etc. They could operate like this.
  14. True Fan

    Liam decomitting

    Yea if that is true, that hurts. That feels like borderline negligence on Woody.
  15. True Fan

    Liam decomitting

    Anyone who thought he was proven because he was an NBA coach should be laughed out of Assembly Hall. I wouldn't even call his NBA coaching career mediocre. Wasn't his win rate less than 45%? So no, I would never have hired him because he obviously wasn't "proven".