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  1. IGotMeAWoody

    (2024) - PG Boogie Fland to Kentucky

    You telling me you're not familiar with Guwop and his extensive Trap music catalogue?
  2. IGotMeAWoody

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    There is no connection between Titus' twitter name and Trilly Donovan. "Trilly" is a portmanteau of the slang word "Trill" and the name Billy. Titus' username is referring to recording a "trillion" in the box score, when someone has a 1 in the Minutes stat and 0s in the rest of the categories. It's a joke about how people make up names for box score performances (double-doubles, triple-doubles, Five by Fives, etc)
  3. It's not an issue of his GPA. From my understanding, UM has very strict transfer credit policies. Since Caleb is an upperclassman, it actually goes against him. UM is more forgiving to underclassmen since they won't be set too far back if most of their credits don't transfer over. Since he's coming from an out of state school, they'll probably take less than half his credits. Schools known for their academics don't want kids who have been in school full-time for 6 semesters but have less than 30 credits.
  4. They do serve wine, but Bruiser would come in during lunch and use his IU credit card so he did not order any alcohol.
  5. That is what I ordered. I'd love to enjoy a spicy chicken sandwich with him. Bruiser Flint used to be a regular at the restaurant I worked at. He would order a chicken salad. I like the guy who gets a fried spicy chicken sandwich!
  6. He was out of earshot when he placed his order, but Kenya gives me a the vibe he's a grilled chicken sandwich guy
  7. Hunter drives a bad @$$ new GMC Denali in a crimson red. When I saw that color and I immediately knew it was someone associated with IU athletics. Then when we pulled up right next to him, I sneaked a peek and it was definitely him.
  8. I don't know how I keep running into the staff when these kind of things are happening. I ran into the entire staff at Malibu when they were in town for Malik's official. Saw Malik but didn't recognize him. We didn't even know he was in town till JHS posted an insta video of them walking down Indiana Ave later that day.
  9. Funny incident happened last night. I was in the Chick-Fil-A drive through next to Kenya Hunter. His window was down and he was talking to someone on the phone (probably Woody or an other assistant). I only caught one part but he said something along the lines of "If we don't land MacKenzie, we need to go all out for him." Sounds like the staff believes we still have a legit shot at landing MacKenzie. Also, sounds like we have a 2nd option in mind if he falls through. I imagine it might be Julian Phillips from Tennessee?
  10. IGotMeAWoody

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    Really interesting conversation between Miller Kopp and Collin Hartman about the transfer portal. Live on Miller's YT channel right now.
  11. IGotMeAWoody

    Most Obscure IUBB Scholarship Player

    I don't think I saw anyone else name Emmitt Holt. Sent from my ONEPLUS A6013 using Tapatalk
  12. IGotMeAWoody

    College Bball Thread

    As much as it pains me to admit this.. at this point, Matt Painter is the new Bo Ryan. Doesn't matter who is on the roster year to year. They will be good as long as he is coaching.
  13. IGotMeAWoody

    College Bball Thread

    Yup, and if there is not a clear individual at fault they will even arrest both
  14. IGotMeAWoody

    College Bball Thread

    For our attorneys on the board: In my time surfing YouTube court, I believe I have seen instances where the prosecutor will go forward with DV chargers without the victims cooperation. I believe it was something they had to do once a DV charge was filed. Would this depend on the jurisdiction?
  15. IGotMeAWoody

    College Bball Thread

    Dior Johnson, Pitt freshman who has been suspended all season, just got his felony DA charges dropped down to a misdemeanor. 1 year of probation. His charges were also related to strangulation. Not sure if that can be used as a comparison, but if Beard has his charges plead down to misdemeanor I wonder if they do drop the hammer. I guess it will depend on how the jurisdiction handles DA charges.