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  1. HomeBrew911

    General New Coach News

    Unless reps for Drew and Musselman have already told IU no, I don't see how IU moves forward until they interview either or both of them. My personal opinion is they are the two most realistic choices. Musselman brings a shot of energy this program desperately needs and kids are going to love to play for him. I understand why Drew may not be the most popular option but he is probably the best choice. He is the guy you bring in to be here for twenty years. I think he would turn the program around quickly, compete for big10 titles, go to the tourney every year and possibly win a national championship. And Drew is probably a guy you don't have to worry about making a jump to the NBA.
  2. HomeBrew911

    General New Coach News

    Never really been a message board kind of guy and only started following a few months ago. This is my first time posting on any so bear with me. First, I believe yesterday was the anniversary of one of my top five Hoosier basketball moments, A.J. Moye and the Boozer block. I watch a replay of that game every March. As far as a new coach, my completely uneducated opinion is that it comes down to two coaches that being Drew or Musselman. The program needs a jolt of energy and I think these two can provide that. Drew can obviously recruit and both run systems that have energy. You're not recruiting kids to come play defense. You sell them on an uptempo offense and then challenge them to pride themselves on playing lockdown defense. I think both can do this. I wasn't really sold on Musselman at all until after their last game and it was two things. The first was him jumping on the table after the win, that is exactly what this program needs, someone who brings energy and passion. The second was an interview I read about Justin Smith. I saw him as a guy with limitless potential who was just lazy and lacked motivation. Now it seems like he was just unhappy playing in a system that was basically boring and uninspiring.