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  1. TheDarkKnight69

    Player decisions

    Happy for AF. Hope he succeeds at UVA (unless they play Indiana)
  2. TheDarkKnight69

    Player decisions

    Saw what he said about Trayce’s latest tweet and noticed he pinned some random Keion brooks tweet from a few years back on his page.
  3. TheDarkKnight69

    Player decisions

    Is Drew Davis a reliable Twitter guy?
  4. TheDarkKnight69

    2021 Transfer Portal

    Is keion even in the portal?
  5. Right but I’ve seen multiple posts about how his mind is gone. I’m just saying they wouldn’t bring him in to be a mascot
  6. They’re not going to hire an 80 year with ailing mental health just to do it, otherwise they’d bring on RMK. I think it’s safe to say he’s mentally there if he is seriously being considered.
  7. TheDarkKnight69

    Coach Woodson's Media Appearances

    Will probably be posted on 1075 the Fan’s YouTube page tonight some time. Show is still going, but you can rewind the live stream to the beginning where the interview takes place. there’s the link if you’re interested in doing so
  8. TheDarkKnight69

    Assistant Coach Thread

    Would make more sense in the long run for Fife to come to Bloomington. More likely to end up the coach here when Woody retires (hoping he retires and is not relieved of his duties) than to take over at MSU for Izzo. Of course it’s hard to say what his ambitions are. If he wants to get a HC spot sooner, he may be better off staying in East Lansing.
  9. TheDarkKnight69

    Assistant Coach Thread

    Random, but was on a flight from LA to Indy with him a few years back. Awesome guy.
  10. Thrilled for the future of the program.
  11. At least we don’t have to worry about Woody using technology to cheat
  12. Love hearing about the plans for honoring the past.
  13. The emotion is real. I love it.
  14. Is Woodson always this dry? Don’t know much about him personality wise.
  15. TheDarkKnight69

    Assistant Coach Thread

    Would love to have a staff full of Indiana guys, but think we should branch out a little bit for the sake of recruiting the country and not just Indiana and Midwest.