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  1. Jungle George

    Player decisions

    I am regularly checking this site to find updates regarding Armaan and Race. I hope they both come back, but either way just ready to see a resolution.
  2. Jungle George

    2021 Transfer Portal

    Based on the highlight video, looks like he can knock em down. Much needed for our team.
  3. Good deal, anxious to see who is announced.
  4. Jungle George

    2021 Transfer Portal

    If Armando does transfer, I very much hope he doesn’t go to Illinois. All my friends are Illinois fans and it will be a difficult pill to swallow.
  5. Thanks, appreciate you
  6. I really appreciate your insight. If there is interest, I don’t understand the timing sensitivity? What does a week delay matter?
  7. Lol maybe so! I want this to be true, but it seems like we have seen this movie before.
  8. Based on Stevens previous comments it’s difficult to think something has changed. He appeared pretty emphatic that he wasn’t interested
  9. Jungle George

    General New Coach News

    In some of our past coaching searches, I was pretty set on who I felt our next coach should be and the hire was always someone else. I remember when Kelvin Sampson was hired I was not happy. When Crean was hired I was thrilled. When Miller was hired I thought it was the right move.