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  1. I know we're in March and living in the moment, so getting some young coach that has had recent deep tournament runs feels exciting. But take a step back and think about it. As a recruit would you rather play for someone who has experience coaching the Loyala Ramblers or a former head coach for the New York Knicks?
  2. The minimum expectation for IU every year should be to make the tournament. Bonus points for: -beat Purdue -winning conference record
  3. I haven't read all 43 pages, but judging by the first page (and discussion leading up to this) I'm guessing a lot of people aren't happy with this. Did you really think that Brad Stevens was coming? People talked themselves into something that never had a chance. Woodson's not exactly a home run but I like it a lot more than taking a stab at some mid-major darling who ends up completely in over his head. Woodson should at least be able to win games and get to the tournament which I'll ******* take at this point over being at the bottom with Nebraska and Penn State. Woodson's NBA experience, even if he was moderately successful at best, earns him points with recruits and I have more confidence that players will buy in. It didn't look like players really respected little Archie from the start. If nothing else I'm excited for a fresh start. Here's to hoping great success for Woodson and that one day we can all look back and laugh at these takes.
  4. DoddsHouse

    IUWBB vs N. C. State - NCAA - 3/27/21 @ 6:00 on ESPN2

    This is the furthest IU basketball has advanced in the tourney since 2002!
  5. DoddsHouse

    General New Coach News

    One of the most important things in this era and moving forward is having a guy with NBA pedigree and proven to have success getting guys to the league. If only we could get someone with ties to guys like DWade, Oladipo, Anthony Edwards, Cody Zeller...
  6. DoddsHouse

    Is Indiana just UCLA at this point?

    Just??? UCLA still regularly makes the tournament and has NBA prospects going through it. They made a bunch of Final 4s in the late 2000s. We would be lucky to consider ourselves on the level of UCLA.
  7. So on that latest Brad quote about him saying he’s not considering IU, he’s a Masshole who roots for the Patriots...maybe I’m reading too far into it, but I feel like he’s speaking about his time with the Celtics almost in a past tense. Still speaking really highly of Indiana. Even what he says “I hope whoever takes the job gets to feel like I did”, seems like a big hint, but maybe I’m just hearing what I want.
  8. DoddsHouse

    General New Coach News

    Man I feel like an idiot for allowing myself to get caught up in this. A week ago I was saying 0% chance of Stevens and now I'm reading every page here, watching the Cavs slaughter the Celtics and talking myself into it. Being held hostage by this Twitter source guy feels like a new low point in my life. So insanely lame--"oooh I've got something juicy....just 500 more followers and I'll drop another hint". If his goal is really to gain clout off his knowledge surely there's a way better for all parties involved.