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  1. SouthwoodKnight2012

    (2019) PF Trayce Jackson-Davis to INDIANA

    This is so awesome to me.
  2. SouthwoodKnight2012

    Indiana Football is a top 25 team in S&P+

    Been saying/hoping for this for awhile. Are we not all sick of hanging in with the big boys only to be beaten in the fourth quarter? If you want fans to stay past half time you have to pull one of these out. Let's get it done Saturday to start the trend.
  3. SouthwoodKnight2012

    Indiana Football is a top 25 team in S&P+

    It's great to just be in that type of conversation. This week is huge for us to build momentum and potentially getting a great win. I hope we can get it done!
  4. SouthwoodKnight2012

    IU QB Dawkins Leaves IU program

    Dawkins coming in and dang near being handed the starting job makes me feel very good about Ramsey's improvement.
  5. SouthwoodKnight2012

    (2019) CG Jahmius Ramsey

    In the same boat. I hope we still roll the dice and see what happens throughout his timeline.
  6. SouthwoodKnight2012

    (2019) CG Jahmius Ramsey

    I don't understand how if you look at his top 10 we aren't in the lead. What are his priorities?
  7. SouthwoodKnight2012


    FIU- W Virginia- W Ball State- W Michigan State-L Rutgers- W Ohio State- L Iowa- L Penn State- L Minnesota- W Maryland- W Michigan-L Purdue- W 7-5. Obviously Virginia, Minnesota, Rutgers, and Maryland are huge games. *starts dreaming of when are we going to get to play Illinois in our crossover game
  8. SouthwoodKnight2012

    (2019) OT Damon Kaylor

    I'm from the area as well. I never have understood it. Pretty solid in basketball and baseball and Homestead and Carroll left your conference.
  9. SouthwoodKnight2012

    2018-2019 Rotation Discussion Thread

    Absolutely. I just feel like if our expectations are undeservingly high CAM's seat will get hot and that is the last thing I want, or he deserves. A prime example of that is Harbaugh at Michigan currently, or I predict Holtmann at OSU soon. They get too good ahead of schedule and fans think the dynasty should be started and rolling by year 3.
  10. SouthwoodKnight2012

    2018-2019 Rotation Discussion Thread

    Regardless of rotation, I am ecstatic that we are much deeper from top to bottom, much more skilled on the wing, and overall our playmaking/shot making has improved. I tell myself daily that I have to keep my expectations down and to not get over excited.
  11. SouthwoodKnight2012

    BTOWN Banners Crystal Ball

    Is anyone going to the announcement on the 30th? I don't get off work until 3:30 and live in the NE part of the state so I cannot make it. Surely it is televised or streamed somewhere?
  12. SouthwoodKnight2012

    (2021) LB Yanni Karlaftis

  13. SouthwoodKnight2012

    Which order would you rank these championships

    1. IUBB Natty 2. Rose Bowl win 3. Colts Super Bowl win 4. Cubs WS 5. Pacers....ehhh I am a casual fan. It's hard for me to get attached to any team here.
  14. SouthwoodKnight2012

    Which order would you rank these championships

    "My favorite teams are Villanova basketball, Alabama football, New England Patriots, and the Golden State Warriors"
  15. SouthwoodKnight2012

    I have a love/hate relationship.....

    "Next 4 out" It's like they're teasing us.