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  1. ArchieNoMo

    2021 Transfer Portal

    yep, beat me to it. I realized he was at Greensboro after posting. Carry on ..
  2. ArchieNoMo

    2021 Transfer Portal

    Did Mike Roberts recruit him to Chatanooga?
  3. ArchieNoMo

    2021 Transfer Portal

    Any Jack Nunge (Iowa) rumblings out there? Or does he end up at Evansville?
  4. ArchieNoMo

    Player decisions

    Or could be ... "Man, back in my day if we would have practiced like this Coach Knight would have kicked us all out of practice or made us run until we couldn't eat supper ... probably both!"
  5. What I heard too was he is sleeping on Mike Roberts' couch? :) I am sure he was joking (maybe not?) but the wife and kids are staying behind.
  6. Dakich opened with Fife ...
  7. ArchieNoMo

    Assistant Coach Thread

    Makes sense ... wonder how much of that $800k was earmarked for recruits and their families?
  8. ArchieNoMo

    Player decisions

    What will tomorrow bring?
  9. ArchieNoMo

    Player decisions

    As long as the breaking news is over for the day! Doesn't sound like it is though.
  10. ArchieNoMo

    Assistant Coach Thread

    Is Archie's house on the market yet?
  11. ArchieNoMo

    General New Coach News

    Especially now ...
  12. ArchieNoMo

    General New Coach News

    That has to be fake news! We all know it takes at least 3+ years to implement a new defensive scheme.
  13. ArchieNoMo

    2021 Transfer Portal

    I want it all! :) Just saying ...