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  1. I Remember those transfers Dean Garrett and Keith Smart in 1987...no championship without them!
  2. At least he got away with the one at the end of the game.
  3. I hate the three guard offense. Our last championship had a true center in Dean Garret and great forwards in Thomas and Calloway. Woody gets it.
  4. I was thinking that when the UK program was devastated after the money in envelopes scandal, the University brought in an ex basketball coach from their conference (CM Newton) to be AD and work hand in hand with the new coaching hire from the New York Nicks (Pitino). Much to my chagrin, they turned the program around in 2 years, which no one thought was possible...I can see Matta and Woodson doing the same thing at IU.
  5. Especially the one with the donkey in the Purdue hat!
  6. Man, I remember that. We were close to Louisville as well and it did have to be perfectly aligned to pick up WTTV 4 because Louisville WAVE 3 would bleed over. What was also great was we could listen to Don calling the game on the radio and it was in synch with the TV signal instead of TV having a 10 second delay like things are now.
  7. Wow, loved Knight’s comments, this has to feel great to him like a vindication of his coaching years by having a player he is so close to fill his shoes.
  8. Well, look at the ages if our last two presidents (US). He could easily do this for 15 years if he stays healthy.
  9. So, basically we decided to bunt instead of going for the home run. But on some occasions the bunt that works out, hope this does too.
  10. Right, had a James Bond brain freeze there.
  11. This is based primarily on 0708 intel that said expect heavy denials. His intel is generally accurate, but the denial was so heavy even he gave up on Brad last Friday. But evidently all sources have gone dark since then, so we on the Brad train are wondering if maybe there’s a chance the last intel was right after all. Combine that with some other stuff posted about tomorrow and some of us are definitely in the “I want to believe “ camp like agent Moulder on x files. At any rate, SD is playing it closer to the vest than the cigarette smoking man.
  12. Sort of. There was a theory that Stevens committed to stay through the trade deadline, which was yesterday, and Beard has been out of the tournament for a week. It doesn’t seem logical to keep delaying if we’ve got our person. But who knows?
  13. If it’s Stevens or Beard I would think we’d know by tomorrow. Otherwise, the target has to be someone still in the tourney, with maybe Beilein and the IU guys as fallbacks if that doesn’t work.
  14. You’re probably right, but that warning was given when we were all expecting an announcement that he was hired. So far what the warning said was exactly what happened (within 2 hours after it was given.) The longer we go on with no leaks or word it makes me wonder, but like I said, you’re probably right
  15. Wasn’t the last thing we were told before the Masshole presser was to get ready for a wave of heavy denials, but not to lose heart?