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  1. dnb0214

    Looking to next season

    Crazy inference, but Emmitt Holt was in Des Moines and had a moment w/ Crean. Is this a sign that Holt might return? We'll be deep w/ guards even if Troy leaves and have serious depth at f/c if Bryant goes[emoji16]. Holt would be a great add if he's worked on himself. Looking forward to seeing what Davis, Green and CUJO can provide next year!!!
  2. dnb0214

    An Observation. Long Time IU Fans React

    Purdont is also completely healthy
  3. dnb0214

    An Observation. Long Time IU Fans React

    I agree w/ the original post to the thread, but caution against thinking this is the same old w/ CTC. We had many injuries (Rojo , Morgan, Hartman) and players were supposedly passing around the flu. I think we should keep that glass half full and see what happens in the tourney, no excuses!!! Elite 8 or better and Crean will have most of us[emoji3]
  4. dnb0214

    IU vs MSU Post-Game Thread

    Thought the same thing at the time! He was out the next play. CTC needs to stop the Troy Williams project and move on! Give Troy minutes based on how he's playing!! If he has it going, he's a difference maker, if not, he's a house wrecker!!
  5. I'm thinking the excise cop was a Purdont grad!!
  6. dnb0214

    (2015) C Thomas Bryant to IU

    It would be put up or shut up w/ Crean if we signed Bryant! No reason not to finish the year in the top 10 w/ an elite 8 finish or better!
  7. dnb0214

    Are we good enough to dance?

    nice notice! Looked it up as well! +Not one teams plays in conference w/ as good competition as the BIG 10
  8. dnb0214

    Bubble Breakdown - March 12th

    Not one of the other bubbles has a resume like IU's!! I know we flaked late season, but the tourney play was a much more focused team! Go HOOSIERS!
  9. Yeah, they saw how bad we need them and experienced a great game at Assembly Hall. Def to bad we lost and in the fashion as well! Also BLOCK SOMEBODY OUT!!
  10. W/ Bryant and Maker in attendance today, I'd say yes!
  11. dnb0214

    Potential coaching change suggestions

    Maybe I missed it with Smart, I'll do a little more research on him. My idea was that his teams play hard, he's recruited well at a no name school and his players play hard for him! Give him an IU tradition and things could be looking up! My main point is we don't need a home run, but a real b-ball coach(maybe someone who actually played high school or college ball) and a coach that given IU's tradition will be able to take it to the next level consistently!
  12. dnb0214

    Potential coaching change suggestions

    We don't need a top guy! Only one possible us Stephens and he'd be fantastic!!! Knight came from Army! If Bryant signs w/ us, then these conversations are mute anyway! What we need is a recruiter, COACH, fundraiser and someone who has buy in power! I'm thinking Shaka Smart!
  13. dnb0214

    IU vs. Purdue Postgame Thread

    Momentum changed w/ the Octeus dunk! Any other coach would've called time out gathered the troops and got Hartman outta there! Instead it resulted in the loss of the lead and went downhill from there!