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  1. Ohreally

    2019 Off-Season IU Roster News and Moves

    As did McRoberts. Both were unequivocal and definite in their responses that they believed he'd play next year. Ex-players don't have to parse their words, as you say.
  2. Ohreally

    2019 Off-Season IU Roster News and Moves

    He committed 10.7 fouls per 40 minutes. That's not much less than twice the rate of the next most foul-prone player on the roster. Seems like a reason to me.
  3. Just FYI, if true, that would make them first cousins once removed, not second cousins.
  4. Ohreally

    Summer of 2018

    The game is on Thursday.
  5. I wonder if the B1G mandated these after the conference's poor non-conference showing last year as a way to have early experience against good opponents. I think all B1G teams suddenly have a closed scrimmage this year after mostly having two exhibitions recently.
  6. Ohreally

    Late Season Optimism

    Just FYI, for the four-way tie to occur, Michigan would have to lose at Maryland in addition to losing at Penn State.
  7. Just to underline your point, Ohio State's 2015 class was rated by 247 as the fifth-best, and Indiana's the 29th-best, and we all know how that turned out.
  8. Ohreally

    (2016) SG Grant Gelon commits to IU

    And, of course, all those fools who delude themselves into thinking they know something were assuring us this time last year that Hartman "will never see the floor."
  9. Ohreally

    ESPNs Way too early top-25

    Offensive rating 124.3 vs. 116.5.  Assist % 26.7 vs. 21.5.  TOV% 14.2 vs. 18.3.  Which would you rather have?
  10. Ohreally

    Historic turn around for defense?

    Love the "historic turnaround" rhetoric.  People are fixated on rank, rather than amount of improvement needed.  There is less variance in defensive efficiency than in offensive each year; last year there was only 70% as much.  That means that for a given amount of improvement in points given up, there is a greater improvement in defensive rank than you would see in offensive rank with the same improvement in points scored.  This past year IU scored 10.2 more points per 100 possessions against the average D1 opponent (Pomeroy's adjusted offensive efficiency) than they did the year before.  If they were to improve to the same degree in points allowed in the upcoming year, their adjusted defensive efficiency would rank them as the 31st-best defense in the country (using last year's defensive numbers for the other teams).  That's giving up about 6.6 fewer points in the average game than last year.  While that may not be easily done, it's definitely doable, and definitely not "historic".   
  11. Why everyone should have this guy on "ignore".
  12. Ohreally

    Eyewitness Testimony from a Passenger

    Conceivable, but unlikely.  It's hard for that to happen without the patient being DOA.  And the reported return to consciousness this early would be against it.  My guess is that the ventilator was required for pulmonary reasons; remember Davis was described as having "internal injuries".
  13. Ohreally

    Twitter Fun/finds and more....

    You'd better check another source.  Deadspin just this week published a lie about a politician.
  14. Ohreally

    Robert Johnson Q & A

    Quite the contrary, actually.  We do simpletons no favors by failing to correct their errors.  Consider how much smarter you would be today if only people had corrected yours.
  15. Ohreally

    Robert Johnson Q & A

    Fortunately, Crean is undoubtedly smarter than you are and thus has long since learned that making snap judgments on the basis of very little data is a very poor idea.