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  1. My excitement level is near zero with this hire, the only thing I'm excited about is the possibility that all the people that have been crying for an "IU guy" will now shut up if this fails. I think many fans are so wrapped up in needing an Indiana guy that they can't think logically. This hire screams "nobody else wanted the job" and that just boggles my mind. I don't get it. At all. I'll always be a fan and want success, but I'm not feeling great about it.
  2. This reminds me of a job offer I had, and accepted for more money. Then after turning in my 2 week notice, I was suddenly worth more money on an attempt to get me to stay. I agreed to stay, then after sleeping on it I decided screw him. If I wasn't worth the extra pay yesterday, then I see how you are. So I left.
  3. Steeler

    PM Thread

    Why is everybody still asking for a pm? I thought he ended the madness a few posts back. If im missing something, then send her one too!
  4. Some of us have data caps. That rules out any streaming for me. Why am I paying for BTN again?
  5. Steeler


    I'm curious about this as well.
  6. Steeler


    For the first time I can remember, it slipped my mind there was a game yesterday. I remembered after seeing a post on FB. I did catch most of the second half, and was excited to watch the comeback but something just isn't the same. I kind of feel guilty for not being able to get fired up for IU basketball, but it's almost like watching a movie I've already seen several times.
  7. Steeler


    I just can't see any way he is back next year. Unless Glass has our next coach lined up when his timing is right. With so much preseason promise this team had, they sure look like poop. I'm with Old Fart, I predict we will have our usual late season collapse which should seal it.
  8. Steeler


    Exactly. An AD will always give public support for the coach until the day he fires him.
  9. Money talks, BS walks. We could easily pay Stevens enough to get him here, with booster money alone imo.
  10. Steeler

    IU vs St. John's Post Game Thread

    You guys can't be serious about liking Walton. I can take Dicky V better. I actually felt bad for his partner, having to talk about why he didn't bring his bike to Hawaii. Wtf
  11. Steeler

    Wake Forest Post Game Thread

    Man, that interior defense was absolutely awful. I can't count how many easy buckets we allowed inside. It looks like TB is terrified of fouling. C'mon man, toughen up and play some D. My excitement for the season just got a bucket of ice water dumped on it. PISSED
  12. I expect that I will be disappointed once again as we seem to fade towards the finish line every season. But, I have more excitement about this season than I've had in awhile.
  13. Steeler

    Emmitt Holt

    I thought Emmitt was under utilized last season. He impressed me more than any player, and seemed to have a better awareness than HP. With hard work this off season, I think he can be huge for us this year.
  14. Steeler

    Tom Crean to Alabama Rumor Thread

    Well, looks like a few more years of mediocrity at best for us. I'm good with it as long as we are just waiting for the right guy to free up.
  15. He will be our coach next year, no I do not want him to be. Here's what's going to happen. He will keep his job after this season, then do enough in future years to stay aboard. That will lead us to years of mediocrity. This bothers the hell out of me.