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  1. 5 est Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners mobile app
  2. realbig304

    Archie MIller Press Conference

    That would be a great way to start relationships with players.........
  3. realbig304

    Archie MIller Press Conference

  4. realbig304

    Archie MIller Press Conference

    Home & home with Arizona would be awesome
  5. realbig304

    Archie MIller Press Conference

    Archie has me amped up. He gets it. Let's ride
  6. realbig304

    Welcome Coach Miller

    It's really bumming me out
  7. realbig304

    Welcome Coach Miller

    I had the exact same order. Pumped about Archie
  8. realbig304

    Welcome Coach Miller

    I like it
  9. realbig304


    Heard a rumor that the players are saying that Crean is leaving for Mizzou after the NIT...leaning towards it being a false rumor though
  10. realbig304

    #11 IU vs #2 Kansas Game Thread

    IU basketball is back in 4 days. I'm so stoked
  11. Expect Crean to go after him, but don't expect him to come after us
  12. realbig304

    Emmitt Holt dismissed from team

    Man, such a bummer. Really thought Holt was going to break out this year. Thought it was going to be a 6-10 game suspension so a dismissal is just stunning to me.   So we have another scholarship to fill...
  13. Almost everyone does it (drinks), but how hard is it to just stay at someone's apartment or house to drink?
  14. realbig304

    Who do u resemble when playing hoops.

    A little late to the party but I'd say a poor mans Danny Green. 3s and defense
  15. realbig304

    UM Graduate Transfer Max Bielfeldt To IU

    Welcome Max!!   Now on to Thon.