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  1. Gahoosierfan

    College Conference/Football Expansion

    The SEC has for decades had a gentlemen's agreement that any school can veto any addition of another instate school. So TAMU could keep UT out.
  2. Gahoosierfan

    College Conference/Football Expansion

    I just read an ESPN article that ND is legally obligated by their ACC deal to not join any other conference through 2036.
  3. Gahoosierfan

    High School Basketball Thread

    https://chicago.suntimes.com/2021/5/19/22444102/high-school-basketball-pro-league-will-build-facility-in-atlanta This is an interesting read.
  4. Gahoosierfan

    Corruption in College Basketball

    The Zion Williamson case is starting to get interesting. https://www.yahoo.com/news/documents-allege-adidas-paid-ex-011502903.html
  5. Gahoosierfan

    IUFB Offseason Updates

    Is there a problem with IU Football conditioning program?
  6. Gahoosierfan

    General New Coach News

    Dolson worries me. He was part of the Glass regime. I wonder if he has good judgement.
  7. Gahoosierfan

    General New Coach News

    At leas Fred Glass won't be involved in selecting a new coach.
  8. Gahoosierfan

    Archie. Miller. Fired.

    I think accepting an NIT invitation would be wrong. This team doesn't want to play. They just want to get out of the lime light and forget this season.
  9. Gahoosierfan

    General New Coach News

    He has way too much baggage.
  10. Gahoosierfan

    General New Coach News

    We should only consider candidates with proven track records. This is an absolute must. No taking chances on unknowns. Davis is a prime example of what happens when you do that. Also the new coach needs to have achieved at a real basketball program. No more Atlantic 10 or MAC retreads.
  11. Gahoosierfan

    General New Coach News

    Davis wasn't really successful. That team got to the championship despite him. I was not enthusiastic about any of the hires since then. I think Glass really dropped the ball on Archie. He didn't do a national search for the best possible candidate. Dolson must do that this time. No excuses. Aim high and pay what is needed.
  12. After the B10 tournament they will have a loosing record. Why would the NCAA want them?
  13. We are way overdue for a new coach. Archie is not a top 40 coach at all. He has failed.
  14. Gahoosierfan

    We are Currently a Tourney Team

    The Miller experiment has to be judged a failure. Four years in and we still aren't a top 40 team.
  15. Gahoosierfan

    General New Coach News

    I think we are in this position because Fred Glass did not do a legitimate national search for the best possible candidate. This has to be done this time. No more mid major retreads.