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  1. Gahoosierfan

    FBI Corruption Investigation

    It looks like Duke and KU are both starting to sweat. Maybe the NCAA will actually punish them this time.
  2. Gahoosierfan

    IU Men's Soccer 2020 Recruiting Class

    I sure hope this results in a great season and a deep run in postseason.
  3. Gahoosierfan

    Scott Dolson New AD

    I think Dolson is a typical IU hire. Much like his predecessors. We have had Donninger, Greenspan, and Glass. The athletic program is still mired at the lowest levels of the B10 as a whole and a non-factor on the national level. And yes I know men's soccer is usually pretty good and sometimes swimming teams. The real heart and soul of any competitive NCAA Div 1 program are football and men's basketball. There is no denying IU lags far behind the rest of the B10 and has for decades. In the case of football, it is arguably one of the 10 worst programs all-time in BCS. These are just the facts. You can speculate all you want on why it is like this. What I do know is that when any organization performs poorly over long periods of time it is reflected back to top management. That is always the weakest link at IU. It all starts with a lack of competence on the Board of Trustees. This is a structural problem in governance.
  4. Archie needs to make major progress to keep his job in my opinion. He needs at least 25 wins and wins in the B10 Tourney and probably 2 or 3 in the NCAA. Anything less and the new AD needs to send him packing. I give him an overall C for his first three years.
  5. Gahoosierfan

    Prediction League (Game 32 - BTT Nebraska 3/11/20)

    Nebraska 67 Indiana 61
  6. Time for the Fire Archie page.
  7. At least Glass will be gone next year. Maybe the new AD will do the right thing.
  8. Miller isn't one of the top 25 college coaches. Maybe not top 40.
  9. Once again Archie refuses to adjust. IU's double-team is giving the game away.
  10. Gahoosierfan

    Maryland at IU Game Thread 01/26 1 PM CBS

    If they do can they please focus and hit two free throws.
  11. Gahoosierfan

    Maryland at IU Game Thread 01/26 1 PM CBS

    They have to go inside and get a foul now.
  12. Gahoosierfan

    Maryland at IU Game Thread 01/26 1 PM CBS

    Wide-open 3s percentage is pretty high for most teams.
  13. Gahoosierfan

    Maryland at IU Game Thread 01/26 1 PM CBS

    Archie waited way too long to adjust the D and it cost IU maybe 7 or 8 wide-open 3s. This game would be IU on top without that.
  14. Gahoosierfan

    Maryland at IU Game Thread 01/26 1 PM CBS

    Archie is giving this game away. He refuses to adjust the defense. The double team leaves UM wide open for 3s. Jeez is he blind.
  15. Gahoosierfan

    Fred Glass Retiring

    It seems IU has a history of hiring lawyers with IU connections. People like Glass and Donninger. They don't seem to think that athletic knowledge is of much importance. Neither of these two could in any way evaluate coaching talent. I don't expect the IU BOT to make a good decision. It would be out of character.