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  1. All_Hoosiers

    IU vs Western Kentucky Game Thread

    I'm a WKU student. It's odd not rooting for Indiana to win. It's also odd knowing Indiana is gonna Indiana like it did. Defense obviously needs to step up for the Hoosiers.
  2. All_Hoosiers

    Analysis: The hunt for a 4-0 start

    Maybe it's because I subconsciously elevate WKU's football team after watching them the last couple seasons and because I am more uncertain about IU football, I just can't convince myself that Indiana will beat WKU this season. I think WKU's offense will be too much at the end of the day. I think it will be close game, however, so I could easily be wrong.
  3. All_Hoosiers

    GOP Debate...

    IStandWith.com slotted me: Jeb Bush 91% Marco Rubio 84% Rand Paul (meh) 84% Scott Walker 81%. Pretty interesting how sites and quizzes like these work.
  4. All_Hoosiers

    Stan Robinson transferring

    @JonRothstein: Indiana's Stanford Robinson will transfer, sources told @CBSSports. Two years of eligibility remaining. Story coming. #iubb Edit: Can't say I'm surprised.
  5. All_Hoosiers

    Potential fallout from coaching change

    I noticed that too and went over a few times to make sure. He's nowhere to be found.
  6. All_Hoosiers

    Potential coaching change suggestions

    Harper's gonna have a good team in the next couple seasons. This year's team is a little weird with its ups and downs, but it can certainly go on a run in the C-USA Tournament. Most, if not every WKU fan, love Harper.
  7. Indiana: 69 Northwestern: 62
  8. All_Hoosiers

    (2016) C Thon Maker

    At this point, I don't think my brain could handle wtf is actually going on.
  9. All_Hoosiers

    Potential fallout from coaching change

    You get a PM! You get a PM! Everybody gets a PM!
  10. All_Hoosiers

    BB, I want to conduct an experiment...

    I wouldn't be surprised if he's back, but I just don't think that would be in anyone's best interests. I'll say he is not back next year.
  11. All_Hoosiers

    Potential fallout from coaching change

    Someone on twitter mentioned to me that Indiana fans can't get out of the shadow of Bob Knight. No one has given Indiana fans a reason to get out of his shadow. After so many mediocre years, I don't fault anyone for holding onto winning memories. Hoosier fans are sensible enough. If a coach comes in and wins, then they can "move out of Knight's shadow." Knight will always be a legend and be held in high esteem, but the right coach can definitely move the fan base forward and create his own legacy. Hoosier fans can't stay too attached to Bob Knight, but they certainly shouldn't completely detach from him either.
  12. All_Hoosiers

    Potential coaching change suggestions

    I don't think Crean is coaching for his job Saturday. Even if Indiana wins, I don't think it changes anything. One game doesn't turn things around just like one game didn't put things where they are now.
  13. All_Hoosiers

    Potential fallout from coaching change

    I've never been the biggest Ray Harper fan, but he is building a really nice team down here.
  14. All_Hoosiers

    Potential fallout from coaching change

    I've been very hesitant to call for a change, but I think at this point a change is almost needed. Essentially no one continues to like and support Tom Crean as Indiana men's basketball coach. Why would anyone want to play in an environment with a palpable sense of disdain from the fans to the coach? Crean has stagnated from results to recruiting, and no one knows if he can rise out of that. I know people may be hesitant of the unknown and don't want to make a lateral move. But at some point you have to trust the power of the Indiana name as well as money to lure an upgrade at coach, presumably an upper tier coach. I don't think Crean is necessarily a bad coach. I'd like him down here in my hometown at WKU. But I just don't think he can continue being Indiana's coach. He has given his all to the program but that just doesn't seem to be enough. If Indiana misses the tournament, then a change definitely needs to be made.
  15. All_Hoosiers

    Post Game IU vs. Northwestern

    I generally like him more than most, but I don't know how much he can really be defended at this point. I don't feel comfortable calling for his job, but I wouldn't call myself a big supporter. Crean's support continues to dwindle steadily and this fuels the fire. If the Indiana name still carries as much weight as I hope -- "It's Indiana" -- I would hope that along with some money the Indiana name could help bring a better coach in. I don't know who that better coach would be, but Indiana will never get a better head basketball coach if it doesn't try.